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New Sports Expose: Changes Needed In All Directions


New Sports Expose: Changes Needed In All Directions

Ralph Nader

Make no mistake about it, sports are important.

That’s true if for no other reason than the fact that sports absorb billions of hours of people’s time – at all ages. Whatever you think about sports, they’re clearly important for that reason alone.


Big Ralph bombs for three. This is an article that has been long overdue on CD.

wealthy pro sports owners who hold taxpayers hostage in order to get publicly-financed sports palaces built;

For me, the redirection of a community’s financial wherewithal into glittering new stadia and sports arenas and away from schools, health care, and infrastructure is the most insane aspect of this subject. Externalizing the cost of facilities onto a populace (of whom only a small percentage will be able to enjoy) is one of the most insidious scams that the elite regularly employs. I believe that this is the manner in which W. Bush made his money with the Texas Rangers’ new stadium years ago.

Here in Atlanta, our feckless NFL franchise owner threatened to move the Falcons if the city did not build him a new stadium in order to attract the Super Bowl (pretty much the only way that he will get to one). The Georgia Dome is not yet 25 years old. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is constantly pushing the league’s franchises to build newer, more expensive facilities, as though the NFL had any competition.



The article mentions nothing about the ubiquitous jingoism at most sporting events. Does the book mention the playing of national anthems, the presence of color guards, the jet fly-overs - mind control functions, one and all?

Can somebody please tell me what the hell those things have to do with participants playing and spectators watching a game? Equating a sporting event to life and death on the battlefield is just one more way for the powers-that-be to further distort people’s views of life and the world.

Ban all shows of military might, jingoistic behavior, and religious piety from sporting events. They truly have nothing to do with the playing of a game.


Indeed! Jingoism starts young, as well. Another way for kids to learn the language
of their parents, in terms of might making right. No context, no reflection; just rote regurgitation.


“Americans love watching sports, usually while sitting on their couches eating junk food. It’s interesting to note that in a University of Arkansas, Little Rock study, highly identified sports fans had significantly higher health risk behaviors than non-sports fans on a range of health behavior measures, including a higher Body Mass Index (BMI), along with higher fat, fast food and alcohol consumption.”

Saturday Night Live had THIS item pegged in its parody of fat slobs as “Sports Fans.”

I’m glad that this book spills the beans on a number of injustices within the sports nexus, but in my mind this analysis misses the boat. That’s because it does not mention the following, and how the Sports Mentality reinforces these messages:

  1. That Life is about 2 teams duking it out to determine winner and loser… and how easily this embedded cultural belief works its magic on foreign policy and its use of necessary enemies–i.e. the other team. That is, those lined up for “the slaughter.”

  2. Might makes right: Many sports are Roman Arena like spectacles of naked machismo and celebrations of aggression. Football and boxing come most to mind in those regards. The subliminal message is that the tough guy is the hero and through force he proves his manhood. All applaud and/or bow down in homage to his mighty prowess.

  3. Machismo: Sure, women now play with balls too… gee, ain’t that great? About as compelling as the MIC opening its arms to all the young ladies who want to emulate their brothers, fathers and uncles in crimes of state a/k/a military exploits in foreign lands.

What’s ultimately celebrated is what Nietzsche described as “the oily muscle.”

Even though these 3 pervasive programming messages are worked covertly, that hardly minimizes their net impact.


How ironic - when it is continually pointed out to us how big sports are distractions from the problems we really need to deal with - Ralph writes an article about - big sports …


Also, the multi-billion dollar college sports industry pays the workers nothing but room and board and education if the student completes, which many do not. Sounds a lot like serfdom to me.


Modern sports in general just reflect a common form of training and recreation within human cultures. They have evolved with the species. But more to the point regarding present day Western sports and more specifically Anglo sports, they are Late Roman decadence redux with all the violence and corruption that went along with them.


Whinny multimillionaire babies whaling at bitchy, belligerent billionaire brats! Win at any cost/Profit at any cost, amerikan exceptionalism, amerika, the indispensable nation and you wonder whats wrong with amerika! Amerika is more than full of it’s self! And the sheep bleat softly and chew grass!