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New Spy Bill Sneaking Through Congress, But Rights Groups Have a Plan


New Spy Bill Sneaking Through Congress, But Rights Groups Have a Plan

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Another day, another attack on privacy rights.

In the coming weeks, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on new legislation, styled as a cybersecurity bill, which civil libertarians say is nothing more than the latest incarnation of legalized government surveillance.

"CISA is fundamentally flawed because of its aggressive spying powers, broad immunity clauses for companies, and vague definitions of key terms. Combined, they make CISA a surveillance bill in disguise."
—Stop Cyber Surveillance coalition


Why do other Americans try so hard to remove their own freedoms and rights as a free people? What is it that has made us afraid of own own freedom that we strive so hard to prevent each other from having it?

Our legislators and agencies are constantly trying to remove actual freedom and replace it with pseudo or pretend freedoms?

Rah rah rah! ‘Land of the free and home of the brave’ - but they really don’t believe it. Why don’t Americans in government and corporations protect their own freedoms?

Or even protect the freedoms of their children? The current generation of government ‘of,by and for’ is doing its very best to remove true freedom from the American identity.

They are forsworn under their oaths and killing the spirit of their own country.

They are forsworn yet watch them pound their chests about patriotism and wag their fingers when talking about God.

They are forsworn!