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'New Step in Long Walk to Freedom': Palestinian Prisoners Launch Mass Hunger Strike


'New Step in Long Walk to Freedom': Palestinian Prisoners Launch Mass Hunger Strike

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails began a hunger strike on Monday, protesting dismal conditions as well as "Israel's inhumane system of colonial and military occupation."


On the one hand, Bebe is excited that there will soon be less Palestinian mouths to feed in prison and on the other, disposal of the bodies will be costly. Either way, the cruelty and inhumane treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis is despicable. And like the prisoners in the camps like Bergen-Belsen and Birkenau, death would be a release from the anguish and suffering they face. Unlike the prisoners of the concentration camps, the Palestinian prisoners have no prospects/hopes for them being "liberated" by the Americans/British troops (WWII).


I, too, think that the Israeli Government's continued occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, with its demolition of Palestinians' homes, the humiliating checkpoints that Palestinian civilians are routinely subject to, and the building of settlements by the Israeli government in the Occupied Territories, which do not belong to Israel, is totally undemocratic, and has proved to be harmful to both the occupier (Israel) and the ones under occupation(i. e. the Palestinians) alike.

However, I hesitate to compare the Palestinian situation with the Jews in concentration camps like Bergen-Belsen and other concentration camps under the Nazis, first because Israel has never rounded up the Palestinians from other countries to ship them to Gaza, West Bank, and East Jerusalem, put them in ovens or gas chambers, nor have they done horrifically deadly medical experiments on the Palestinians.

Secondly, because many more people throughout the world are working for a lasting and just peace between Israel and the Palestinians, there's still a great deal of hope.


I used the comparison to emphasize the fact that imprisoned Palenstinians have no escape whether through the corrupt, ineffective Israeli "justice" (injustice) system nor can they look forward to any liberation. I doubt that conditions in the prisons are much better than those of the concentration camps...despite the lack of gas chambers/mass eradication processes. These prisons to the Palestinians are to akin concentration camps and they are, for all intents and purposes, victims of "ethnic cleansing." IMO, Netanyahu would like nothing better than to transport (trains?) the Palestinians out of any area that Israel covets and their extermination would probably suit him just fine. The worm has turned.


A lot of people use that comparison, Seatower, and I frankly think that it's tantamount to people crying out "Antisemitism" every time somebody or other criticizes the Israeli Government's policies. Both of these positions are extreme positions, which aren't good to take, imho.


Please do not assume that I harbor anti-semite feelings because I compare inhumane incarcerations by ANY and ALL countries to the Holocaust...albeit one of the worst examples of man's inhumanity to man (slavery practiced over centuries being at the top of the list). And you cannot tell me that the atrocities committed daily by the Israelis on the Palestinians is not motivated by like purposes: ethnic cleansing. Enough said.


bloody idiot if you think the prison conditions in Israel are comparable to Nazi concentration camps


You obviously missed my point: purpose of the concentration camps: ethnic cleansing (eradication) of not only Jews but homosexuals, Roma, and any other groups the devils chose to victimize. The Israelis want to eradicate the Palestinians one life at a time whether through imprisonment, invading their lands and building fortifications that prevent them accessing their homes/work places, rampant incarceration with young men targeted, bulldozing entire villages, cutting off water supplies and utilities, shooting mortars and other armaments into villages and towns, etc....anything to flush them out and/or torture them and their children. Talk to a Palestinian who has lived in Palestine to truly know the hell they suffer at the hands of the Israelis.

And, by the way, there is no need for PERSONAL ATTACKS. I have no problem with someone having a different opinion but I do not appreciate derogatory or disparaging remarks that impugn my character.


If you look at his comment history, you'll see that SStan is an apologist for Israel's crimes.


Now that makes sense. Thank you!


No, your point is simply untenable as there is no real comparison possible between Israeli prisons and Nazi concentration camps without both trivializing the camps and exaggerating the conditions in Israeli prisons. You are either engaging is dishonest propaganda or my words of disgust are accurate--or both.


I'm not assuming that you harbor anti-semitic feelings at all, Seatower. I do think, however, that comparing the Israelis with the Nazis is also an extreme position. One really is tantamount to the other, when one stops to really think about it. Each situation, whether it be national or worldwide, must be taken at its own situation. Comparing one situation with another isn't a good idea.