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New Studies Add to Growing Evidence That Notorious Pesticides Harm Bees



Who would have guessed?

This is what bothers me about Science and the current processes of the industrial State. Why does it take 30 plus years of research to come to these conclusions when after 30 years of dumping these toxins into the environment it already too late to do a heck of a lot about the damage they caused?

I am going to suggest that had PROPER research been done 30 years ago these conclusions would have been made before the poison was unleashed on the environment. I am going to suggest that observing its effects on the environment in what are essence 30 year long unrestricted field tests is POOR science.

This is akin to dumping people off boats in the middle of oceans and doing studies for 30 years that conclude that this leads to more people drowning than "we thought it would".