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New Study: Big Ag, Climate Crisis Key Drivers of Ocean 'Dead Zones' Quadrupling in Size Over Last 60 Years


New Study: Big Ag, Climate Crisis Key Drivers of Ocean 'Dead Zones' Quadrupling in Size Over Last 60 Years

Julia Conley, staff writer

"These findings are no surprise, and further confirm that the unchecked pollution from industrial agriculture has reached crisis levels and requires immediate action."


I couldn’t tell from the map shown whether the huge “dead zone” above Trump’s neck, registered.


One small step—boycott all Tyson Brands----this is the happy promo for their murderous “food”:


Tyson, which owns brands such as Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Ball Park and Sara Lee, and supplied food and grocery chains including McDonald’s and Walmart, consistently ranks among the top polluters, the report states.


Didn’t think I had a lol left in the midst of grieving over the never ending human induced catastrophes unfolding, the latest on the coral reefs:

Need to take a news break but even when doing so it is impossible not to see/feel the carnage humans have wreaked upon this earth—it is everywhere apparent: feeling it with this unnatural, stuck polar outbreak and seeing it with the plummeting bird populations, to name 2 examples. Thanks for the laugh.


This is but one example of what we have done to our oceans. We have shit our pants and we stink.


Does a critical mass of humanity have a death wish dragging the rest along?


Don’t know if I would condemn all of humanity. I think it’s mostly the “white man”. If the indigenous people of the world had been left alone by us, the world would be a much healthier place. Most of them believe the earth is sacred.


Have we shit in our pants, or have we shit where we eat? Perhaps both.


If there’s money to be made Capitalism doesn’t care about death.


Both indeed, thanks.


That pollution is not a integral part of the conversation on climate change never fails to amaze me. Breaking through the mass media silos on that would be key.


The “Externalization” of costs, a fundamental pillar of Capitalism, will kill us eventually.
It is really very simple: If the Oceans die, we die. This is a fact, not a partisan issue!


I understand they tried, but the system overheated and shut down! :grin:


No, just the top 10-20%. The rest of us are just being dragged under by the force of their greedy undertow.


Someone explain to me why the hypoxic areas of the coast (i.e. all along the east coast of the USA) don’t correspond with the hypoxic areas of the ocean (i.e. west coast of the Americas). And I would have expected to see much of the Caribbean Ocean coloured dark blue - given that the big ag chemicals float down the Mississippi. Any ideas?


In the case of the Caribbean, I think that the Gulf Stream acts as a natural barrier current preventing the concentration of the toxic substances. The Gulf of Mexico currents tend to move counter-clockwise in a circular motion. Much of what ends up in the Gulf stays in the Gulf.


But why did they use a closeup of Trump’s nose in this story?