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New Study Confirms: Degenerative Food & Farming System Poses Mortal Threat

New Study Confirms: Degenerative Food & Farming System Poses Mortal Threat

Ronnie Cummins

A new study calling for a “radical rethink” of the relationship between policymakers and corporations reinforces what Organic Consumers Association and other public interest groups have been saying for years: Our triple global health crises of deteriorating public health, world hunger and global warming share common root causes—and that the best way to address these crises is to address what they all have in common: an unhealthy, inequitable food system perpetuated by a political and economic system largely driven by corporate profit.

Regenerative food systems, a great example of holistic solar energy use that terrifies the bankers who have yet to meter the sun.

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”
–Henry Kissinger

“Bugger off Henry!”
–The Enlightened


A new study? This was known 30 plus years ago! Silent Spring was written in 1962. A large number of books have been written since on this matter. Vandana Shiva has been writing on this since 1984. Why is another study needed to know what we already know?

It just another initiative that leads to anything being done pushed years down the road as it “studied” again.


sigh----- but lately so much of our food kills us. Who would ever dream that spinach or strawberries , or Thanksgiving turkey would kill you? I wonder too, if the creatures that give their meat to us----if they re terrified and in pain all of their short lives----I feel like that effects the food they become, and in a negative way. : ( I can’y even imagine what’s in the water and all the liquids that we use. I just learned the other day that coco cola can clean your car battery, or clean a clogged drain. : 0
.Farms cab get too big, I read about North Carolina where there is so much pig poo in the ponds, that the farms broadcast it, and people living near the farms can’t go outside when this broadcasting of poo is going on. I imagine that breathing would be affected too. Is every business regarding food that is run by sociopaths?

Well anyway I am proud of our community garden as we populate the desert with our “forest gardening”.
My new comfrey stock just arrived and tomorrow I’ll plant it around the new Plum Tree.

Even though most of our food and water is contaminated with Glyphosate because 99% of farmers use roundup on their wheat fields as approved by the FDA, ya gotta keep trying because the damn stuff is worldwide at this point.


It’s good to see more attention to this here. Of course we know a lot of it. But many people are still waiting for large businesses to change when these are very extensively lassoed to a capitalist model that artificially penalizes them for authentic efficiency and productivity.

They would produce more and better in the long run if they cared for their soil without poisoning it and employed more human labor in processing. In the short run, the money picture for very many is almost exactly the opposite. They may extract a salable product by poisoning and chem-bombing the soil; this works for a few years, after which production tapers off. They may use machines in harvest, which commits some percentage of the population to inutility as it pays through a few big manufacturers and banks. But again, the harvest gets done for a few years and the crops sold. The bank gets those first payments, and that has to be a victory for someone. The aquifer gets pumped dry, and the wash of the irrigation poisons the water of downstream towns, joining with the town’s effluent on its way to poison the oceans. The costs are much greater for food produced, but they are largely externalized and unmeasured.

This is called practical because the people who make and comprise these systems are mostly measuring dollars but ignoring wasting soil, human sickness, release of carbon to the atmosphere and nutrients to sea, depletion of aquifers, salting of earth, and on and on. They look at dollars in and out over a few months, and imagine that this gives a measure of value.

Commercial farmers who have taken out large loans for land and equipment are largely locked into this system. They are largely locked into a system in which they are gambling against consumers over produce prices. Will lettuce be high or low this year? What will I plant to sell high in 90 or 110 days? If they could adjust their crops to the needs of the land, land would produce and enrich itself. But their arrangements with banks and providers of chemicals and equipment militate against that wisdom.

People can plant yards and balconies. Communities can plant city parks, green belts, and strips of available land. Farms can devote small patches to transition over to regenerative agriculture, including relatively low-labor perennials, adding a bit at a time and freeing themselves by small steps from debt slavery.

This needs the groundswell thing. We really need a lot of people involved–some in a big way, others in a small way. And we also need to be very careful that governmental greenwashing operations do not quietly step on small operations as they come into play. That is something that the Bayer-Monsantoesque must inevitably play for.

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One out of two are getting cancer at some point in their lifetimes!

We are the canaries.

The soil can hold 2-3 times the carbon as the air and above ground vegetation together. Besides growing your own and eating organic produce and grass fed meat, dairy and eggs you can immediately reduce your carbon foot print by adding E85 to your tank. All fuel injected cars can burn 50% ethanol without changes. Over the last 100 years or so Henry Ford, George Washington Carver and others have shown that everything made from fossil fuels, ancient plant material, can be made from fresh plant material. Civilization does not need and never needed the fossil fuel industry.
No matter what we do there is probably many feet of sea level rise already in the system, but if we begin changing maybe within the lifetime of our grandchildren we will have reversed global warming enough to make coastlines habitable again.
Dramatic lowering of CO2 has happened in the not too distant past. It was called the Little Ice Age and happened from changes in agriculture. After Columbus agriculture in the West almost disappeared along with the people. The weeds took over the abandoned gardens and fields. With the apex predator gone the grazing animals and other wildlife proliferated and much carbon was returned to the soil. Temps dropped world wide by 1C and there were ice festivals on the Thames. The Green New Deal could employ many to reforest and rehabilitate agriculture. Taxing tilled soil and transfering subsidies to regenerative agriculture would change things dramatically.