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New Study Finds 'Staggering' Suicide Rates Among Female Veterans


New Study Finds 'Staggering' Suicide Rates Among Female Veterans

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Female veterans commit suicide at nearly six times the rate of civilian women and at rates nearly equal to that of male veterans, according to new government statistics which expose disturbing questions about the experiences of women who serve in the armed forces.


Wouldn’t one reason for a higher suicide rate among women vets be the availability of firearms (as well as training in how to use them)? Many women outside the military do not own firearms and do not know how to use them. They may feel like suicide, but performing the act is not that easy. Ingesting pills is not always successful, for example, while shooting one’s self almost always does the job. It may not be stress associated with military service that makes women kills themselves, but the convenience of obtaining and using rifles and pistols.


I suggest that sister warriors band together in a national organization and help each other deal with their p.t.s.d.,plus their abuse at the hands of brother warriors


A veteran told me one of the causes of PTSD is guilt.
“Guilt over something they did, or something they saw and failed to stop it?” I asked.
“Guilt over something they did.” he answered, but adding that it’s often both.
Some people cannot live with themselves after killing other human beings.
Some in combat have a “shoot anything that moves” mentality. They might later realize their mistake. Shot a kid, an old woman, noncombatant, etc. While they should be weeded out, some people join the military because it’s legalized murder and they are itching to see blood. Psychopaths?
Said a soldier when asked what he does for a living: “I kill people.”
That’s what the military is about. Women who join might have a harder time coming to grips with their conscience, I suppose. They might not be influenced so much by the “man up” philosophy that causes men to internalize their killing. There is a stigma, also, to seeking counseling. As an aside, counselors help soldiers suppress guilt by making them re-deployable.
Then, there is the misogynistic culture that encourages rape, or at least fails to properly punish it.
I don’t know why people join the military unless they are true believers in what they are doing. There are wars going on, on multiple fronts. There is a high probability they will be drawn into combat or will be working around it.
Despite a “poverty draft” there need to be alternatives made known to these young people who feel obliged to go into the military for lack of steady, paying jobs.


You are engaging in sexism-denialism using the usual methods - the “all lives matter” method and the “change the subject” method. The men are not subject to rape and sexual abuse by their fellow soldiers.


One of the things the US Military is hard at work on is investigating what it is that makes people feel “guilt” when they murder and why it is there are people who can commit or witness such crimes and either feel nothing or feel joy.

Now this is how the guys at the top of the MIC state THINK when it comes to soldiers.

Do chemical changes happen in the brain , if so “we should develop a pill that can counter the effects of that Chemical in those that feel that guilt , or one that feels JOY or nothing as in those pyschopaths among us”. They are WORKING on this. Now the kicker is of course this line of thinking. “If we can make all of those soldiers pysychopaths then we are saving lives”. They kill two birds with one stone , further developing their killing machine while ensuring it can continue to kill without risk IT will suicide itself.

A researcher at Harvard works on a drug called propanolol which is a drug they believe can be used to “block undesirable memories”. Already soldiers are being given drugs that ward off fatigue so that they can remain awake for 48 hours at a time and be seemingly “alert” and “Combat ready” through all that time. Even now scientists discover more and more benefits of sleep that they were never aware of before and they have no real clue about what being awake for “48 hours” does to the mind. Their solution to THIS is more drugs. Is he stressed ? Feed him a drug.

Now I am going to suggest that all of those drugs being fed to the modern Combat soldier have consequences and I am going to suggest that elevated rates of suicide is among them.