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New Study Highlights Big Unknowns of Public Health Harm From Fracking's Chemical Cocktail


New Study Highlights Big Unknowns of Public Health Harm From Fracking's Chemical Cocktail

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Add this to the body of evidence suggesting that the unconventional oil and gas extraction technique known as fracking poses risks to public health.

In a study published Wednesday, researchers at the Yale School of Public Health looked at over 1,000 chemicals in hydraulic-fracturing fluids or wastewater, and found that over 150 of them were linked to potential reproductive or developmental harm.

Those chemicals include arsenic, benzene, lead, formaldehyde, and mercury.


When snake oil hucksters put snake heads in barrels of hooch among all sorts of unknown ingredients that were "proprietary" -secret ingredients.

We'd happily tell you what chemicals we use but then you'd stop letting us use them.

Times haven't changed much...just the snake oil salesmen.


From the article: "The Yale team was able to obtain information on potential reproductive and developmental toxicity for a small portion 240 of the 1,021 chemicals; for the majority—76 percent—of the chemicals, no such information was available."

Gee whiz, you'd think that someone would have been doing this research before the fracking industry was allowed to dump this crap into the system. Except that in the US as it is currently run, the regulatory agencies are run by industry, the regulations are toothless since they are written by a Congress bought by corporations, and the whole protective umbrella we are supposed to have is underfunded intentionally to make it appear defunct.

One would also think GMOs would be scientifically researched before they were allowed to be introduced as an experiment on the public and that someone would have thought about the issues of nuclear storage before the landscape was dotted with leaking radioactive facilities and storage depots. One would think, anyway.

Horse before cart, people. Or in this "exceptional nation", does that not apply?


We already know Fracking causes earthquake activity, poison and inflammable water and now this. How stupid can the EPA and American politicians be? At least make the CEO's and top executives LIVE near the fracking sites if they believe it is so safe.