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New Study Offers More Evidence Dems Need to Fight for Medicare-for-All


New Study Offers More Evidence Dems Need to Fight for Medicare-for-All

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Buoying single-payer advocates' call for system that covers everyone and underscoring the nation's inequality, a new study finds that the wealthiest Americans are the ones receiving the most healthcare.

Published Thursday in health policy journal Health Affairs, the findings show a reversal of a decades-long trend of more equality in healthcare that follwed the 1965 passage of Medicare and Medicaid.


The fraud and profits-oriented ACA pushed by Obama & Co is a failure - except for the profits. Millions still have no health care and the insurance industry is a parasite that must be exterminated; Big-Pharma is another. The real "drug-pusher", killing tens of thousands annually with their deadly crap, corrupting doctors to push their drugs, inventing conditions to sell rubbish - especially the young that have become profit marks for dangerous unnecessary psychoactive/psychotropic drugs - some known to induce violent behavior - a criminal endangering of children for profit!

"the corruption of the medical profession by the pharmaceutical industry that has proved most insidious, and nothing illustrates the perilous consequences better than J&J's illegal marketing of Risperdal to kids. Making 100,000 sales calls on psychiatrists and pediatricians, the company lined the pockets of willing MDs employing familiar pharma ploys"




I agree that we need socialized medicine. But why not socialize other needs? Is it fair to healthcare personnel to single them out for a lower income?


The professionals providing health care will not have lower incomes under socialized medicine. It will be the CEO's of the large health companies and insurance companies who will lose their obscene salaries.


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Time for the people of the US to lower their flag and raise their conscience.


Indeed: education, transportation, housing, public banks for starters.


No it will not because it will not be the medicare you have now but the improved version which means NO co-pays, NO deductibles. Visit the Health care-now website for more information.


This study did not touch the fully implemented ACA. No-copay preventive care and the documented shift of the poor to wellness and pre-emergency care (strep rather than scarlet fever, for instance) rather than relying on hospital emergency rooms will probably shift the spending again. And the top quintile started at $125,000 income for a family of 3, barely beyond qualifying for a subsidy.


With our duopoly, the Democrats delivered the Republican plan for health care, and they called case closed.

This study in Health Affairs reinforces my support for single-payer Medicare For All, as Bernie proposes every time he speaks.

As I see it, this nation is 10 years away from implementing the findings of this study that advocates for Medicare For All, and much longer if the duopoly remains in power.


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The Democratic Party will NEVER fight for anything for the 99% as long as far right wing extremists like Clinton are calling the shots.


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On the money aligatorhardt, big pharma is a drug-pusher, but the "official narrative" and media and politicians protect big-pharma from scrutiny, regulation, prosecution and accountability, focusing instead on guns as the cause - big-pharma is a campaign-contribution corrupter of justice and common sense - our children and vets turned into revenue sources, and doctors influenced, and complicit to, prescribing dangerous/deadly drugs to people who do not need them - sometimes/often with deadly consequences.

Many of these psychotropic drugs are known to induce violent behavior and thoughts - there are links to many school killings and, I believe also cops who are violent and/or paranoid far beyond good-judgment.
The TPP has great advantages to big-pharma written-in.

Another aspect of this corruption is the number of people addicted to opioids and then heroin, and the anti-psychotics/ADD/psychotropic drugs, but big-pharma evades accountability and laws to rein-in their greed and depraved indifference. Likewise the safe medicine of cannabis is demonized and kept illegal or hard to get while heroin kills many - politicians serve big-pharma keeping cannabis illegal while deadly drugs are flooding our people........to create profits from misery and death.


I'm no fan of Pharma, but you're promoting a very speculative article (and not particularly informed about even what Asperger's syndrome is). The lede is full of conditional language, and it seems appropriate since there's no actual data following it. And you turned that 2012 "may" into "majority." And it's all off topic.


Excerpt from Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein's platform:

•Establish an improved “Medicare for All” single-payer public health program to provide everyone with quality health care, at huge savings by eliminating the $400 billion annually spent on the paperwork and bureaucracy of health insurance. No co-pays, premiums or deductibles. Access to all health care services, including mental health, dental, and vision. Include everyone, period. No restrictions based on pre-existing illness, employment, immigration status, age, or any other category.

•Eliminate the cancer of health insurance, which adds costs while reducing access to health care.

•End overcharging for prescription drugs by using bulk purchasing negotiations.

•Eliminate health disparities in communities of color and low-income communities. Ensure easy access to health care in communities of color, including community health centers.

•Allow full access to contraceptive and reproductive care.

•Expand women's access to "morning after" contraception by lifting the Obama Administration's ban.


Why should anyone think the Democrats will get us Single Payer, Medicare for all? When the polls showed that 74% of the people in the United State wanted Medicare for All, Single Payer, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives said, "OFF THE TABLE. This will not be put up for a vote."

My 'Representative' Jackie Spiere said to an auditorium of her constituents (all wearing blue ribbons to signify they wanted Singe Payer'" , "I know you want Single Payer, but I am following the advice of Nancy Pelosi and President Obama and voting for the Affordable Care Act." To which I shouted, "They don't live in the district!"

The Democrats like the nice 'donations' they receive from the insurance companies as much as the Republicans do. If you want good health care for ALL OF US, do not vote for either a D or an R.


Clinton has already said that single payer will 'never-ever happen' Good luck trying to push corporate Dems to do the right thing for the people. Jill Stein is the only way to go now.


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