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New Study Raises Alarm About Exposure to Glyphosate at Levels the EPA Claims Are 'Safe'


New Study Raises Alarm About Exposure to Glyphosate at Levels the EPA Claims Are 'Safe'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A new study on glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup—one of the world's most widely used weedkillers—is fueling persistent concerns about the pesticide's impact on sexual development, genotoxicity, and intestinal bacteria, even when exposure is limited to a level currently considered "safe" by U.S. regulators.


Crowdfunded! I suppose there’s no other way to get at the truth than to have scientists who are outside the corporate loop do the studies. Depressing how crooked governments have become, to favor corporate profits above children’s health.


You know when you go into a Loew’s or a Home Depot or any Hardware store and you walk down the aisle where “Roundup” is stacked near all of the pesticides, and you take a whiff of the air and it’s filled with a chemical odor so strong that you want to leave the area as soon as you can, well, these stores are exposing unsuspecting men, women, and children to these chemicals.

Boycott these products.

Do not believe the “safe” levels of exposure these chemical companies are telling you.


Monsanto says. “there is no link between glyphosate and cancer,” I’m getting a sense of deja vu here. Substitute tobacco for glyphosate. These people aren’t very imaginative.

and … accused the Ramazzini Institute of being “an activist organization with an agenda.” Again with the deja vu… this is Joe McCarthy rearing his mummy self again. “Are you or were you ever an activist? If so, no due process for you!”

ok, too much caffeine this morning.


They place profit above ALL our health. And the planet’s health. It kills insects (pollinators), birds and is affecting the food chain. We are poisoning ourselves and the rest of the environment we need to sustain us.


The retailers that push this poison for profit must all be boycotted until they remove it from their shelves.

Do your part.

Tell them you refuse to shop at their store for this reason.

If you can’t, send them a letter.


Incidentally, this is the same damn stuff that’s slaughtering bees, butterflies and birds.

Half a century after Rachel Carson, her suggestion that it may not be such a good idea to disperse toxins all over the globe is perpetually ignored. Most people I know use some awful poison in their yard or home. Even my holistic veterinarian sells a poison pill for my dog to eat - to control fleas. When will we ever learn?


Glyphosate or the Agricultural pesticide doesn’t kill everything it touches but it does have harmful effects that can be permanent This study, there are actually a lot of them, is about the neurotoxic effects


Katherine Paul sez: “What your average consumer needs to know is that there’s absolutely no scientific evidence backing up the EPA’s claims of ‘safe levels.’”

This is just a little semantic misunderstanding. See, the EPA is merely using the term ‘safe’ under its little-known alternate definition: ‘profitable’.


Don’t know how many, if any, of you remember this, but back in the 1970’s, the Sec. of Ag., Earl Butz, drank a glass of round-up in front of a crowd of farmers to prove how safe it was to use ( don’t remember what event it was). I wonder what ill effects he had from it.
Off topic note: He also told farmers they had to get big or get out of farming, in support of the coming corp. farm culture that has decimated the small family farms. Those small farms gave us much safer food than we buy today.