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New Study Reveals Flawed Predictions of Runaway Costs and Usage Under Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/new-study-reveals-flawed-predictions-runaway-costs-and-usage-under-medicare-all

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Kinda LATE, to be supporting that which we’ll now NEVER have (due in part to unquestioning fawning support of the corportacracy, formerly known as OUR Democratic Party, who’d based the 2020 presidential primary and elections upon CRUSHING this essential legislation, that basically sells itself to VAST segments of the voters). Far more than DNC’s contractual obligations to the Fossil Fuel, MIC or Carcerial/ Judicial multinationals; DNC’s crushing any Universal Healthcare plan, during a PANDEMIC that’s likely to kill half a million of the nation’s most vulnerable, before spring; destroy small business, cynically indenture scores-of-millions of chronically ill desperate survivors out of W4 employment… is something we’d TRIED to discuss, here (only to be accused of disloyalty to a predatory corporation that brags about blatant kleptocracy & sneers obvious lies). The FIRE Sector, PhARMA don’t need to camouflage media pundits or K Street shills in both parties; they’re basically all in ALL cabinets, Congress, & TV? The irony, lost here on CD?


Keep doing those studies. Sooner or later you’ll find somebody to fudge the numbers enough for the answer you want.

Single. Payer. Cost. Less. Period.

How can we afford not to have it?


Just like the myths that raising the minimum wage creates inflation, or forcing companies to pay taxes stunts economic growth and innovation, big businesses and their paid political class continue to scream bloody murder about Medicare for all. The irony is that it’s not about their phony protestations concerning rising medical costs. They already know a MFA system would most assuredly cost less to operate for everyone. What they are worried about are the other things that will cost them MORE money after a MFA system is implemented. Workers will no longer need to worry about keeping their crappy low paying jobs just they they can maintain access to their employers meager benefit plans. MFA is portable, so workers could once again be empowered to move on to try another job, or an entrepreneurial venture they had been thinking about. That would cause existing employers have to actually begin competing and negotiating for labor again.
America’s big businesses fear empowered workers. That is why they will fight MFA with every fiber of their being. The last thing that America’s oligarchy wants is for people to become employees again, instead of what they turned us in to in the last 50 years.
Human capital

  1. In the 80s when medicare was instituted the change over from limited coverage for the seniors to pretty good coverage (but still not enough), the change was seamless. By the end of the nineties the insurance industry was attempting to squeeze every drop of blood from nurses, using them to clean beds and enter charges for completed care into the accounting pages in addition to using their nursing skill of directly caring for the sick and others needing care such as obstetric patients.
  2. When congress is finally bludgeoned into introducing measures for medicare$all/single payer healthcarecoverage they need to include NURSES in the planning otherwise nurses will be required to eat our meals standing up in the medication offices or in the bathrooms that the patients use.

PNHP has been putting out this information for years – and a large portion of the medical profession is beginning to see the light – as is the general public. (Now to work on the politicians…) Sigh.

Keep telling it like it is! Thank you, PNHP.


I would expect an increase in usage for basic care with a EIM4A system, what the authors didn’t factor in is the savings long term because of this slight uptick in care. Almost every medical problem is cheaper to deal with when it’s caught at the beginning stages, rather than later when they become more serious, and much more expensive to deal with, because of the lack of affordable early medical care.


They’ve been putting the information out for years and what has been the effect? We just had a movement to #forcethevote to no avail in a most revealing unmasking of faux progressives. Much of even the self-proclaimed progressives like TYT, Cenk, Sam Seder, Ana and many others showed themselves to be frauds. A major opportunity to bring M4A into the American spotlight was not only missed, it was sabotaged by people supposedly on the left, but who actually are in concert with democrat party leadership. It is hard to see when the next situation arises where congress will be persuaded to vote against their bribers. The leverage the progressives had over Pelosi’s election was a fleeting thing and they pushed it away.


The National Nurses are united and working with state groups forming coalitions to pressure specific representatives to sponsor the bill they want to propose. It is easy to get involved at your state level and attend Zoom meetings. Do it

Even with the Senate win, I will be plasantly surprised if Biden and the corporate Democrats come out for Medicare For All.

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  1. There is still some discussion on M4A going on at ~https://commons.commondreams.org/t/about-the-news-views-category/64670/34. It does not show up under latest posts, so I just thought I’d mention it. We should probably move that discussion here.

  2. I haven’t read the study in question yet - I do grant that utilization is an important part of cost estimation. But I don’t want to be afraid of MORE utilization. There are some damn good reasons to have more utilization as obviously in the current system, the poor are going to under utilize a system that may easily bankrupt them. On the other hand, a good implementation of M4A would include a lot of public health and preventative health aspects which would hopefully tamp down utilization somewhat. But an overall growth in utilization should be acceptable to us.