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New Study Reveals Yet More Risks to Bees from Controversial Pesticides



They tell lies and then quote the lies that they have told so that they see no reason to stop doing the thing that they are lying about. The will not stop voluntarily because they see only the money that they will make and look no further than that. Like the tobacco industry, they want to continue to sell tobacco even when people are trying to tell them it is harmful for people's health. They simply never go that far though. They only go as far as wanting to keep selling their product and not any further.


Right on "the money", so to speak.
As you laid out accurately, this pervasive pattern of antidemocratic, raw capitalistic corruption of centrist politics makes it credible to say the center is rotten. To rediscover the real fruit of democracy, the rotten core must be cut out.


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Imagine how easy it was years ago before the internet for themto get away with stuff. Back then only regulatory agencies could catch them at something and even then it was only after overwhelming evidence had accumulated. Brown Pelicans were nearly wiped out as were Bald Eagles because DDT had made their egg shells too thin and the weight of the bird crushed them in the nest. The species nearly became extinct before Silent Spring etc,

Things are harder to get away with now but that doesn't mean that the companies aren't set up to try to pull a fast one if they can because they will do such underhanded things.

I guess in the modern world the word 'ethics' has been replaced by the word 'profits'..


Evidence is mounting that they are affecting aquatic life too. Everything 'we' do is in such huge quanties these days that the effects are hard to predict. We all live in a chemical soup, eating and drinking them too. We breathe is one or another and wear others. There is no escape ... i wish there were better regulation,