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New Study Shows Antarctic Melting at 'Unstoppable' Tipping Point

New Study Shows Antarctic Melting at 'Unstoppable' Tipping Point

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A new study published Monday warns that "unstoppable" melting in West Antarctica could make a three-meter increase in sea level "unavoidable."


Let’s redirect all fossil fuel to the south pole, fire up some fancy ice makers, and save the day–oh wait, never mind…

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LOL Rethugs are xenophobes and science deniers. Haters and hypocrites. Psychotic brain stems. Evolution and man abetted climate change are facts. The GOP is the 4th Reich fascist party.

The 1983 American Heritage Dictionary noted, fascism is, “A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism.”


Mother Nature is coming, and boy is She pissed!


Repeated melting and freezing causes water to accumulate down below. It collects in cracks and expands when it refreezes, creating more and bigger cracks. Then, in an hour or so the ice sheet all explodes. At least that’s what has happened before.

Nature has scheduled a massive starvation and die-off for our species.

The free market has so far proven childish and incompetent at developing new renewables technology. No coordinated talent search exists. Inventors are treated as something (not even someone) to rob. Inventors are expected to jump through all sorts of hoops unrelated to their prime specialty. Getting renewables technology to flatten the fossil fuel industry worldwide is the straightest (the only, if protest doesn’t work) path to our goal, but don’t hold your breath.

God weeps. Nature simply yells, “Get off my property you worthless bums!”


Now remember, class, this “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” stuff is just a con-spiracy by them thar Liberals and Commie’s… Thangs ain’t getting hotter, it’s just them Sun-spots. Listen to Ted Cruz and Rush Dumbo, don’t listen to REAL scientists like James Hanson.
It’s pretty scary and has been for awhile, but not many are really paying attention. I know YOU are, and I am, but who else is?
I pray for my son and what he’s gonna face.


And in the face of all this the nations most responsible for climate chaos have time and resources for war. I cannot help but think of Melville’s Moby Dick.


All wars must immediately be stopped so as to devote all possible economic and scientific resources to an all out attempt at solving the human caused climate catastrophy while there is any hope of solving it! Read “Hope” Mr. “hope and change” Obama. It appears that “our” political leadership in the US, and much of it around the world, is either too ignorant, too selfish or too controlled


All wars must immediately be stopped so as to devote all possible economic and scientific resources to an all out attempt at solving the human caused climate catastrophy while there is any hope of solving it! Read “Hope” Mr. “hope and change” Obama. It appears that “our” political leadership in the US, and much of it around the world, is either too ignorant, too selfish or too controlled (remember JFK, MLK, BK) to take action on behalf of all life on Earth. Therefor it will soon be apparent to enough people that we must take action to save ourselves. Hopefully that tipping point will come prior to that of the climate one.


What is it about the threat of climate change that so many American people can’t seem to understand? The sea is already rising and clearly could rise much faster soon as the average global temperature keeps increasing due mostly to greenhouse gas emissions from human sources.


How we explain to climate deniers that if we don’t hurry and stop the rapid rate of global warming then a tipping point in West Antartica may be triggered soon that will continue causing the glaciers to flow down into the sea for thousands of years to come (raising sea level rise and triggering more tipping points elsewhere no less).

The deniers will glorify being stupid and applaud their own capacity for willful ignorance - their don’t know don’t want to know won’t find out about it either - attitude… is dooming us all in the long run. We tip now and keep on paying for it forever. Their being dumb about it makes us dumb for letting them win - for us allowing the world to lose.

It won’t be the extinction of humanity but it will be a strange new world that we won’t like living in. A world of killer heat waves every summer. A world without beaches in effect. A world missing places we know like half of Florida, Venice and Bangladesh. Missing Pacific island nations and altered coastlines… and that will keep continuing.

The end of the old world and the start of a new one. A new world amid the Sixth Extinction. Won’t you miss Penguins? Tigers? Rhinos? A world of people and only people and pests.

People and pests… maybe big pests (humans) and their littler pests (bugs and rodents).


As goes Antartica … so goes the world. Can you believe that it could ever get this bad this fast?

Bush/Cheney did this. They delayed us and Obama helped. 15 years lost that might have made the difference. All those progressives who babble about not voting should remember what their not voting does to us. From Reagan to Bush/Cheney… conservatives will vote and low turnouts favor republicans.

Put it this way >>>

If you don’t vote then you’ll float! Sea level is an equal opportunity catastrophe.


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I remember Florida! Didn’t we used to have a Florida? <<< Voice from the future.


" The GOP is the Fourth Reich."

True, but so are the majority of the dems., they are the fake opposition so more subtle and covert than the overt, Goebbels party.


It was actually Ronald Reagan who did us, US, in. He cheated Pres Carter out of re-election, and vastly over sized the MIC. Some think he outspent the USSR into oblivion; but as it turns out, Reagan merely fed the MIC beast into the addict it is today. Reagan, the hero to some, in reality helped finish off democracy in the US. So the US in the end, as history will surely prove and as Kruschev declared so many years ago, will destroy itself looking for never ending, always illusive “villains” to fight. While ever looming and fast approaching, just over the shoulder of our ever-so-brilliant political leaders, is the mother of all storms; human caused climate catastrophy! We had the chance of being the greatest people ever to exist with humanity’s best chance of saving what we most certainly had a large part in creating. Power, machismo and greed will prove our demise.


I agree with what you’ve said and have said it ran from Reagan to Bush/Cheney in other posts but here I was specifically talking about the delay in doing something about climate change. Had Gore been allowed to be president, we would have gotten ahead of doing something about Global Warming while it would have mattered the most and been far easier. We lost those 15 years and it is going to hurt.

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Folks, where is this going to end?

Maybe like those old Superman movies where he was fired in a rocket from an inhabitable and dying planet?

The greedy, climate deniers believe $$$$$$$$$ are more important than saving life on this planet and it looks to me like they will not stop until it is too late, because we are approaching that time now!


One person had a beautiful flower garden but the next owner of the house paved it over with concrete to make a patio. Same house same yard area.

That is what is happening. The difference between a garden and a concrete covered patio.

The end.

Oh and hot too.

Heat baby! Heat! There’s that too.


We have already reached a point of no return. Humankind has screwed the pooch and all our technology nor the return of Jesus will stop the blind retribution Mother Earth’s natural systems will deliver. While the stupid ignorant still deny and blather idiot commentary, the ball is rolling that, like rust, never sleeps. Even if people of sound judgment, who are a decided minority, decide to act and give the reins to scientists rather than politicians, there will be no consensus, and like Nero, who “fiddled while Rome burned”, we all will watch as politicians talk and talk and talk while the Earth burns. Political leaders have neither the integrity nor wisdom, not to mention education, to put aside their arrogance and self-interest to come together - for Pete’s sake we as a species cannot even end wars or hunger or homelessness - even the remote prospect of concerted global action (which is a prerequisite to stopping the man-made aspects of global warming) will never happen - call me cynical, but those are the facts as I see them…


Too easy an answer.

Okay so then what? It is too easy to say nothing will be done and then say nothing further after that. So tell us what happens if there is no global action?

First off we may be late but we won’t do nothing as things worsen. Secondly, we may lose the last of nature’s diversity and all her mega fauna except in zoos but people will continue.

These may be facts as you see them, cynical or not but… carry it through! What happens later since we won’t all perish instantly? What happens later?