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New Study Shows California Drought Driven By Climate Change and Here to Stay


New Study Shows California Drought Driven By Climate Change and Here to Stay

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The increasingly frequent and severe droughts that have punished California over the past two decades—including the current record-breaking one—are primarily the result of human-caused climate change and will likely grow even worse, scientists at Staford University warn.


The picture at the top of the article is very mis-leading because the level of the lake behind the Shasta Dam is now far below what it shows here. This picture must be from a long time ago.

Here’s a link to a more accurate and recent picture from the California Department of Water Resources:


The picture you posted is actually the dam on Folsom Lake, not Lake Shasta. The crazy contrast between pictures remains poignant though.


I also thought that it was interesting for them to talk about soil moisture, the way that we approach landscaping as a society is part of the problem. Instead of leaving organic matter such as leaves on the ground to decompose, we cart it away in the trash, or if we are lucky, in a yard-waste bin to be composted at an industrial facility. We need to stop doing this, and start decentralized decomposition! Litter layers (the leaves and branches and other organic materials that fall from trees and plants) are essential to the moisture retention, and when we chop down forests and leave naked dirt exposed to the sun, or landscape in a way where every single “weed” is taken out of the soil and carted off somewhere, we are hurting the water retention that otherwise would have taken place if a spongy, decomposing litter layer were to have been there to capture the moisture!


Hi, the top picture on the govt. site is from Folsom but a bit further down is the Shasta picture. i’d have posted it alone except this new commenting setup doesn’t allow images as far as i can tell.

sorry, for the confusion.


So California is spending 2.7 billion to create surface store dams but where will the water come from has anyone looked at the water levels of existing storage dams?


Don’t be a smart ass - we are divorced from reality.


SARCASM the body’s natural Defense against STUPIDITY.


Hmm, it is most interesting to note that the persistent high pressure system that feeds the weather patterns for north america is not functioning like it usually does.
Ocean warming? Yup. Definitely a factor.
Sorry folks but this seems like purposefully destructive HAARP induced weather modification to me at this point in time.
The bigger question is who benefits?


The biggest question is how many will awaken and rise up before this capitalism crashes the earth and its ability to sustain.