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New Study Shows How Taxing Rich Saves Lives, While Trump's Tax Plan... Kills


New Study Shows How Taxing Rich Saves Lives, While Trump's Tax Plan... Kills

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Study found that candidate Trump's plan would result in nearly 30,000 deaths per year from all causes, while plans put forth by Bernie Sanders' plan would actually save 333,000 lives annually


I find it remarkable that the party that was so vociferous criticizing Obama for suggesting fiscal policy that they depicted as efforts to redistribute wealth is now forcefully pushing the biggest tax reduction in our time. That it once again favors the moneyed persons both real and court created is only to be expected from the lapdogs of the rich.


The rich does not value the lives of the poor and the impoverished or the working class. If we want to be valued and respected we must fight for it because that is the language they understand. The force of the brute force in reverse


This reminds me of watching an interview with Rockefeller a few years ago. He talked about creating wealth and controlling companies and resources, etc.
*His final comment was, “What is really needed is to reduce the population, we need to get rid of about six billion people, they are using up too much of our resources.”
*And there you see the plan in a nutshell. (The current nut is in the oval orifice in the White Orange House.)


BTW it’s not just the well to do that despise the elderly and the needy it’s also most people on some kind of pension. Even social security recipients i know who are spiteful and mean spirited toward the down trodden, the homeless, the panhandlers and the mentally ill. These types compare the desperados to themselves and how great they are to have made it.
It never dawns on them that it’s no fun sleeping in a damp wet ditch when it’s 20 degrees outside and you have a tooth ache. They tell me that the sick, the unemployed, the homeless and the mentally ill have made a choice to live that way. Blaming the victim seems to be the order of the day, these days.


Taxing the rich is not only morally and ethically the right thing to do, it’s also totally logical and common sense.


That is precisely the goal of all the 1% congress proposals.
They are going to strangle the lifeblood out of the population that is hanging on by a thread.
The destitute are already 3feet under.

Then the upper middle class and serve as slaves.
That will put the planet in balance.



Which Rockefeller?


Ya nevah know- it could be THEM hanging by a thread ( or a noose) - remember the “meek” shall inherit the Earth!


People who talk like that have not evolved. Frankly, I have not met a person on a pension or social security who talks like that ( Well, maybe one- but she has a mental problem. ) The only reason they “made” it was because others did their work for them


How did this piece of sh-it propose to get rid of people? Oh, I know- let’s start and keep wars going, make money and make sure that we kill a lot of people as long as it isn’t us! Old men and women sending young people to THEIR wars in order to make money.


The working class??? Sounds like a snobby progressive term.


Many rich people would rather have a functioning society instead of not paying taxes. How do they explain Wall Street crashing the global economy?


Trump is a scourge of The Fourth Reich that needs to be deposed of any way, possible. A true douchebag.


There have been those who have questioned me when I wrote that the budget and this tax reform would kill me…well…want more proof?


Meanwhile, over 200 cities and counties have passed ordinances criminalizing homelessness. They fine the homeless for panhandling, sitting or sleeping on public property during daylight hours, camping or sleeping out overnight, trespass, and confiscation of personal property. All of these make it impossible to be homeless, yet homelessness is on the rise after years of decline. These are all bad but passing laws that make it illegal for the more fortunate and charity organizations to feed the homeless is among the worse.

Then they hand out tickets to people with no income; non-payment of fines results in incarceration. Many are put on probation. States have been turning over their probation systems over to privateers. Unlike private prisons, the state doesn’t pay for the service, the probationers do. The probationers themselves are charged for the service, which of course means more homeless people in jail. Obviously the more homelessness is criminalized, the more private prisons we’ll need.

Political leaders call on good christians to vote for them, as they are believers too. Then when they get into office, they are revealed as antichrists. This tax reform will clearly push more people into poverty, then the street, then jail.


The notion that the power structure of this country is at all interested in the lives or livelihoods of anyone making less than a million a year is naive at best. There is only one story that needs telling in the US: Our democracy has been sold to the aristocracy. Everything else is the wistful thinking of a delusional population.

Either the system will catastrophically collapse and force us to wrest it from the grasp of the uber-wealthy because we have nothing left to lose, or we decide to do the same thing because of what we have already lost. Too bad only the former has any real chance of happening.


Don’t know about that anti education assignation of snobby but let’s hear some examples of right wing concern for those who do the labor necessary for a productive economy. A seven-fifty minimum wage is too high, really, give it all a break.


Are you ready for a bloody, violent revolution to take down the ruling class? Because anything less, such as voting and pretending it matters, is not going to change anything.


Why should they have to? Being rich isn’t being socially irresponsible. Doing so by selling worthless bonds and running ponzi schemes or underpaying workers is.