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New Study Shows Why Trump Plan to Gut Food Stamps 'Will Literally Result in More People Dying'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/05/new-study-shows-why-trump-plan-gut-food-stamps-will-literally-result-more-people

I’m running on empty, there isn’t a word left in my tank.


Trump and the R’s represent the party of hurt. Trump victory in 2020 will gut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

It’s their way. Anything but civilized.


Donny-Don’t-Care, while Congress and the Courts let it happen (three years and counting).

When are we going to end welfare as they know it for the likes of Boeing, Exxon-Mobil and Goldman-Sachs? With the money saved on just those three alone, we could fund SNAP well into the third millennium.


As with any narcissist Trump thinks only of himself, and could care less about others. The misery he sows.

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You’re missing the point GuildF: Your proposal will help “We the Hurting” instead of “They Who Rule By Oligarchy”. Can’t be having that shit in the good ole country of GREED CAPITALISM! I mean, we NEED them for their “trickle”. (By the way, has that trickle started yet? Doesn’t seem to be reaching me.)

Which will still be dwarfed by the dead from the medical industry and now the war on pain patients.

this country kills tens of thousands a year without blinking. what’s a hundred thousand or so more?

and everyone’s got their little hands covered in someone’s blood. Everyone.

With actions such as this as well as the endless U.S. wars and sanctions, plus inaction on the Climate Crisis, this nation is causing death and suffering to millions of people and other species worldwide.

How long will be continue to tolerate rule by psychopaths?

Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama made easy work for Trump to do this. Bill Clinton destroyed AFDC cash aid. Cut or eliminated food stamps for most adults without children and cut the amounts allocated.
The money from the Federal govt as well as food stamps were put into block grants. This allowed states to use the funds however they wanted. Medicaid was also privatized and turned into poorly run HMOs. Once again the door was opened for the orange dickweed to do these horrible things.
These people get very little already. I worked in county welfare dept for 30 years. I was there when Clinton did his reforms. It started there and Obama cut food stamps several times. George Bush did less damage than the two democrats when it came to the safety net programs. Homeless people have not qualified for food stamps since Bill Clinton’s Reforms. Children go to bed hungry in this country by the millions. There is no dental or vision. I have seen children hospitalized for infection in the jaw from rotting teeth. The majority of people that receive some sort of aid are children. This sh@t didn’t start with Trump. He will just finish the job started by someone else. The undocumented do not receive benefits of any kind.


That was the plan all along:


Every dollar going to the way of the poor in the way of things like SNAP is a dollar out of the pocket of some needy billionaire.


It’s trickling alright, only it isn’t money, and it isn’t a trickle, it’s a massive piss-a-thon.


And “We the People” are the toilets to them.


You can have these two: morally bankrupt.

Thanks, they are a perfect fit. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed by it all.

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Ignore him Ditton, unless you find yourself laughing at him as I often do now.
If we don’t in any way normalize his behaviors we will make it out of the darkness. Sadly way to much damage to our country is taking place. That we can’t laugh about.

If trump tries to gut those things, he will end up being gutted himself.
If trump were not such a sick person, I could find it in my heart to hate him.

Ya know Wiz, I probably could if the repug’s weren’t in lock-step with him. I try, I watch Trevor Noah now and then and he helps :-)))

So much for the “shining city on the hill.” We have become the rundown outhouse behind the chicken coop.

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