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New Study Underscores Health Dangers of Fracking


New Study Underscores Health Dangers of Fracking

Food & Water Watch

WASHINGTON - “A new study out today from Johns Hopkins in Environmental Health Perspectives revealed associations between fracking and various health symptoms including nasal and sinus problems, migraines and fatigue in Pennsylvanians living near areas of natural gas development. The study suggests that residents with the highest exposure to active fracking wells are nearly twice as likely to suffer from the symptoms.


“What’s more, a 2014 investigation revealed how health workers in Pennsylvania were silenced by the state Department of Health (DOH) and told not to respond to health inquiries that used certain fracking ‘buzzwords’. Documents obtained by Food & Water Watch last year indicate the DOH was inundated with fracking-related health concerns ranging from shortness of breath and skin problems to asthma, nose and throat irritation, which were ignored or pushed aside.

Shades of Flint, MI?

It's gotten to the point that corruption is making a mockery of democracy, and it's not even the common type of corruption we rather expect, like giving gov't contracts to favoreed businesses. This corruption sacrifices people on the altar of profit. It's the kind of thing those Our Revolution people should be focusing on, because both business and gov't are to blame here, so whether a person is anti-Big Business or anti-Big Government, there's something for them in this situation.