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New Testing Revealed Popular Kids Cereals Contaminated With Weedkiller Roundup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/12/new-testing-revealed-popular-kids-cereals-contaminated-weedkiller-roundup

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Excellent article.

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Agribusiness and its related industries increasingly come across as intentional generational genocidal constructs that carry a Bernaysian advertising tag line of … “Its too late to do anything, all consumers have consumed and are now contaminated with carcinogens… too late to do anything, just keep consuming”

I propose a vision:

Imagine standing at the edge of a once contaminated 1500 acre corporate farm that has been - by choice of the “owner” - broken into 150 separate and coordinated 10 acre farming cooperatives that have treated the soil including with mycoremediation - removing and neutralizing heavy metals and chemicals - and now farm organically with cooperative market networks, utilizing funding through public banks, establishing contracts over the internet based on blockchain technology; transport being minimized to maximize freshness.

Hydroponic greenhouses built in urban areas - like it or not - would seem to be an integral part of the future.

Here a teacher working on bio-remediation with students in a science project.
Some of the mushrooms used in mycoremediation


The rate of Cancers in Children climbs. Most cancers have as their root cause exposure to chemicals and toxins in the food we eat and the environment along with added exposure to radiation (see cell phones)

It is for the most part a man caused disease and there Corporations making a killing profiting off this.


If they don’t kill you with the chemicals they’ll kill you with the sugar.

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Cereal is just the tip of the iceberg.


This is called a complete list, I have no doubt there will be more added in the future. Also note there are organic products on the list, this comes from (1) fraudulent corporations, and unsuspecting (2)organic farmers, who’s crops were ruined by chemical drift.


The truth would frighten most Americans out of their socks. The truth is that there are dangerous carcinogenic chemicals in nearly every you eat or drink, every day, for most of your life.
Oh, and the air we breathe isn’t very good either.


Of course they do not! For the same reason why we have the “Race for the Cure” and not the “Race for the Pure Environment.” The major cancer foundations will not dare focus their attention, propaganda, research funding, on identifying chemical, industrial and corporate causes of cancers.

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How many Moms and Dads know this? My bet is not many. I watch people shop and they Throw items into their shopping carts. They never read labels or ingredients. Worse yet is if you shop at Walmart or most large chains, that’s all you’re gonna get… General Mills. Why are these products still on the store shelves? At least when there’s a chance of people getting sick they make sure Tyson takes back all of their tainted chicken crap.

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I performed at a Cancer Society Fundraiser. There was a Raffle. The grand prize was a Mercedes…

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In California everything causes cancer. :laughing:

Yea, there have been many product recalls. Why not do a corporation recall on Monsanto??

:joy: calm down everybody. The levels found in this study are well below the accepted safe levels of glyphosate. The authors of this study have deliberately chosen an arbitrary safe value that is orders of magnitude below the accepted safe level which is used around the world. Furthermore the method they used to detect glyphosate in this study is notorious for producing false positives. All and all this is terrible fear mongering science from a biased vested interest group which has come to a preconceived finding.

Mattyt- You seem to know a lot.Do these big ag farms spray roundup right before harvest because it is a good drying agent and it saves them money by using less natural gas to dry said grains. Looking forward to your reply. And you just happened to reply to this article?

Yes you are correct, it sounds like you know what a dessicant is already. I stumbled upon this article through my Flipboard news app. There’s not many subjects I would claim to know a lot about, but glyphosate research is probably one of them. I’m an environmental scientist working in contaminated soil and groundwater, hence why I have an interest in it. I also hate scientific misinformation and there’s not many other subjects which attract as much misinformation and deceptive reporting as glyphosate. There’s money to be made by media companies from fear mongering, while the majority of scientific research which shows absolutely no link to cancer will not get reported because they’re boring.

If you want some rather short summaries of glyphosate by an independent research scientist in the field, these articles are quite informative:

Wow there is this guy in the comment section (after the article “Research Check: do we need to worry about glyphosate in our beer and wine?”) named Ian who just has nothing but positive things to say about Monsanto’s glyphosate! It just doesn’t cause cancer in the amounts that would be consumed!! Oh, I just discovered that Ian is the author of the article.

Ian Musgrave

Senior lecturer in Pharmacology, University of Adelaide
In reply to Melanie Weckert

We actually don’t know if it isn’t zero (given their sloppy methodology reporting). And at 51.4 parts per billion, what does it mean to be closer to zero? That you have to drink 3000 litres of wine a day to get a threshold dose of glyphosate? We have astoundingly powerful assays can measure levels of things so low they have no biological meaning, and people should not be generating panic about our products on this basis.

That said, clever and careful use of cropping and cover can only be a good thing (full report here, but see figures 5, 6 and 11, wine is hard)


Notice at one point he says: “We have astoundingly powerful assays can measure levels of things so low they have no biological meaning, and people should not be generating panic about our products on this basis.” “Our” products?? This guy presents himself as some kind of neutral researcher and yet keeps insisting there is nothing to worry about gyphosates! And then he makes this slip up of calling it “our” products. Hmmm…