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New TPP Leaks Reveal US 'Pandering to Big Drug Companies,' Threatening Innovators


New TPP Leaks Reveal US 'Pandering to Big Drug Companies,' Threatening Innovators

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

New leaks of the negotiating text of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement reveal that the Obama administration is pushing forth radical proposals that critics say will threaten to harm consumers and innovators while rewarding big drug companies and "extremist copyright" policies.


The Toilet Paper Plan was designed to wipe us all out.
I think it is time that we flush it and forget it!


People should not be surprised by anything leaked about the TPP. Anything constructed by the corporations is going to be bad news. That is a given.


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Strikes me that one of the best tactics of the likes of Global TradeWatch might be to send people to talk to government officials in some of the other countries, encouraging them to pull out. If a few countries opted out at this stage, the thing would likely collapse.


I do hope that very few were surprised by this revelation, but that millions will complain about it - Loudly, Do not Stop!


The entire TPP is antiAmerican and is not even legal under the laws of the land. IN a Democracy we don’t have secret legislation kept from our representatives. I know they could read a little but they were not allowed to know much about it or discuss it or present it to their constituency. The whole thing is a farce and we should not consider it valid even if “they” do pass it. They, the corporate puppets, will act like turning back is not an option. That, of course, is a huge lie. We can say “no” and if they pass it anyway because they have gone rogue and don’t care about the people, we should demand all their resignations.


We did not elect the corporations to rule us and we did not elect our so called representatives to represent the corporations in favor of us. We are like the poor smo that hires a lawyer only to find the lawyer works for the people he is trying to protect himself from. This is not legit, legal, fair, reasonable, or in the interest of the people of this country.

Apparently, Corporations are more than people, they are Gods and that’s not what our laws say or what we have any responsibility to uphold.


We are currently paying more for single source generic drugs than we ever paid for the brand name when it was under patent protection.