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New Unemployment Claims Again Exceed 1 Million—A Reminder That 'Now Isn't the Time to Cut Benefits That Support Jobs'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/new-unemployment-claims-again-exceed-1-million-reminder-now-isnt-time-cut-benefits

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The job losses have barely begun, The reason they both are proposing to cut basically all non-market benefits from the government except for the most direly affected after they are completely drained of assets is FTAs like GATS where we basically locked ourselves into this horrible extremist ideology. If you investigate, this ideology means Bidens proposal to “expand” Medicare actually kills it. Social Security is also doomed because it stands in the way of massive job outsourcing, which will take away the money coming in, basically if we keep out commitments from the 1990s, which Biden has already sworn to keep just the same as they are, we’re doomed. Despite claiming that “The WTO is a bad deal” Trump is pursuing as many deregulatory acts as he can which all lock in, so it shows that they both are in cahoots. The US is going to become a third world country under their leadership. better start getting used to it.


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I don’t know about all you are saying, but from what I’ve read, Biden and Warren are close, which gives me hope for 2021. On the other hand, stuff like Democrats winning a close Senate majority coupled with too-high expectations gives me pause. Either way, unemployment benefits need extending ASAP!

That doesnt matter at all, even if Biden wins, he’s already committed to complete the destruction of whats left of the American Dream set up in the GATS in the 90s.

Additionally the Obama-Biden Administration (and their predecessor, as the negotiations went back to 2006, se proof in the Maine document near the top of the external links directory on my site) Biden wants the US to get what it wants in trade so we’re tradingthe many hgh perceived jobs away, its for a good cause.

Biden has a new trade agreement, TISA thats potentially far worse than the GATS - so betwen the two of them all government services must be extremely limited in scope and ambition and trigger outsourcing and offshoring of those sectors jobs. We’ll have to make due with the less remunerative jobs that other countries temping and consulting firms dont want. . Nothing even remotely resembling anything people are hoping for is allowed in areas like healthcare insurance and anuities, thats a really outrageous lie enebled by our mistaken impression that the government can still step in in countless areas its now prohibted from doing, as that would steal the profits and customers of international corporations.

. This is to give corporations certainty. Otherwise people could just vote for changes in the regime that expropriated business investments. If some huge disaster is going on, we may get to delay some oft these changes as we did in 2010 because of the Global Financial Crisis - to allow Obamacare, but ten years has gone by and we’re likely required to end it and go back to the regulatory level we had on february 26, 1998, the “standstill date” That was before the ACA. What this means is that people with pre-existing conditions may not be able to find health insurance or if they do they may have to accept the likelihood that the insurance firm would be able to retroactively underwrite them if they make even a small clerical error on their forms, clawing back money paid on their behalf to providers going back to the inception of the policy.

The way it was in 1998. This means that foreign firms which require foreign delivery of care will likely be all that many, perhaps most US workers can afford as jobs also are rapidly turned into globalised services, jobs performed by a global precariat. Indeed this is the plan as its likely to be much more profitable. Right win think tanks have doe estimates of the huge increases in profits transnational corporations will see.

Of course the voters wont want that so they have been removed from the loop. These issues are all managed by international organizations where people such as you and I dont eexist, we have no standing. And our government represnts our corporations.

Thats why they globalized the world’s economic governance in the 1980s and 1990s. I’m sorry Bernie Sanders was covering up this, he was lying about it being possible to just vote a new President in and change things. If that were true, busineses would have to buy all risk insurance like they used to.See Dani Rodrik’s Trilemma of the global economy. ( ~https://rodrik.typepad.com/dani_rodriks_weblog/2007/06/the-inescapable.html )

The wealthy got the certainty they wanted and corporations no longer worry about “indirect expropriation”.

Democracy is limited to inconsequential things that dont effect the bottom line. Can’t you tell?

Please read here why Medicare is in mortal danger if a bait and switch trick is used to deceive us into allowing it to be privatized by expanding it to non-retireees. Its in the Annex on Financial Services, the document that determines what is allowed to be subsidized and what is only allowed to be a temporary bridge to full monetization and privatization.

see ~http://www.iatp.org/files/GATS_and_Public_Service_Systems.htm (especially footnote 41)

and ~https://www.citizen.org/documents/GATS-financial-dereg.pdf especially Pages 2+3 and footnotes 2-4

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Would they have gone to all this trouble to frustrate the goals of the country if they intended to do that? No, both parties healthcare and retirement plan for America is likely “prison”.

TPTB see the old expectation people had before the 1990s of things getting better as a direct threat to their turf which is making lots of money off of the working people of the world and not sharing any of the benefits of technology. In order for capital and labor to become mobile and workers and voters to be disempowered and disenfranchised, by this scheme to make voting bit by bit more and more a superficial act unable to actually change any policy that impacts economic things. (Rodrik’s Trilemma describes the reasons for this See ~https://rodrik.typepad.com/dani_rodriks_weblog/2007/06/the-inescapable.html ) they feed us more and more pablum.

See ~https://www.citizen.org/documents/PC_Gats_Backgrounder_05-05.pdf
for more on GATS.
After all they own the US. People should stop buying, don’t get into debt and start trying to figure out how to activate a Plan C. Imagine you were an oligarch. You would want to be disengaging from the people of the country and figuring a Plan D yourself.

Breakdown in trust is expensive for all society. So they would like us to be kept in the dark about things like GATS.

Both parties are feeding people what they think we want to hear without it having any relation to the truth.

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This should be obvious to anyone who is paying attention – at least to anyone who cares… (So much for a number of high-ranking government officials, elected or not.)

Melania’s jacket says it all. They don’t care.
The trump’s are engratiating themselves along with friends and family. They get free “fun, travel, and adventure” tours around the world. All on our dime. Easy doings if you care less about the rest of the country. This is the first one of it’s kind I’ve seen in my lifetime. It had better be the last.