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New USDA Records Show Trade Bailout and Coronavirus Payments Went to the Largest Farms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/22/new-usda-records-show-trade-bailout-and-coronavirus-payments-went-largest-farms

What Anne does not yet know.

We stopped supporting the 40 acre and a mule farm in 1943.
Right from the white house staff under FDR.
The tractor had replaced the horse and three million acres transferred
from pasture to crops.

We now have about 3% of our population self described as farmers.
They are old white people.

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“USDA must make changes to ensure the money goes to small struggling farms and to farmers who actually do the work.”

Judging from MS. Schechinger’s photo she appears to be fairly young, so she can be excused for not knowing this statement about the USDA has been said since the early 1970’s, and nothing has changed since that time. The money and legislation passed for farmers has always benefited corporate farms and those who own them since that time. No one should be surprised, that it didn’t change under the recent bail-out. It’s the exact opposite that’s needed for agriculture, the environment, and the climate crises we are facing, but so is almost everything else our government is doing today.

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