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New Video and Audio Captures 'Horrifying' Reality of Children Taken From Parents as GOP Pressed to 'Find Their Conscience'


New Video and Audio Captures 'Horrifying' Reality of Children Taken From Parents as GOP Pressed to 'Find Their Conscience'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As newly published images, videos, and audio provided brief and "horrifying" glimpses inside America's child detention facilities in the midst of President Donald Trump's massive attack on immigrant families, all 49 members of the Senate Democratic Caucu


What would Netanyahu do?


He would shoot them in the legs but no grandstanding democrat would ever comment on that …


Makin’ America Great (white) again…one crying child at a time. I’m sure Kim Sung Un, or whatever the hell his name is, is quite proud of his new Orange-haired buddy!
God I am so proud to be a citizen of the USA right about now. Herr Trump must be wettin his pants in awe of his own power and might, the bastard


Inhumane, yes, un-American, no if we take an honest look at our history. The US forcibly ripped indigenous children from their families and tribes to push them into some very cruel schools run by some pretty sadistic folks and the black children who were ripped from their parents and sold off to far off plantations. Today, they are disproportionately targeted by cops, lawmakers and form the masses of those who are incarcerated.


Demanding “Republicans fin[d] their conscience” is a go nowhere imo - oppressed will find ways to resist or be ground out of existence.


It is an oxymoron to suggest traditional Pubs or Dems recover their conscience. Playing the conscience-morality card misrepresents the whole American game and makes constructive, truthful politics impossible.


“Strongly worded statements and tweets are insufficient”
Sounds like the GOP after another school shooting, “Let’s have a moment of silence for the families and we offer our prayers”.


Please, everyone go to childsworldamerica.org to read and sign their statement. Signers can go under three categories: mental health professionals, organizations, or general public.

The statement is excellent and there are already over 12,000 signers.

Call your congressmen and others. Call DOJ, home of the worm Sessions, and governors and for those of you with strong stomachs, call Thomas Homan and that c-word Kirstjen Nielsen.


You are so right to remember this. I recall seeing a video specifically about Geronimo being in one of these schools.


The GOP has no conscience, and neither does the Grifter-in-Chief.
It’s hard for good people to imagine how sociopathic the GOP and Grifter are, because we have never been that way.
But everywhere you look–the gutting of the EPA, the deliberate separation of children from their parents, the selling out to Zionist war criminals, the destruction of Wall Street regulations, violations of the emoulements clause, forcing women to gestate children of rapists–you see that the GOP and Pu**y Grabber are ghouls.
They have to be ousted, along with the corporate Dems.


It is deeply embedded in the dominant USAn culture (except for from the larger cities) not to consider people from other lands to be human unless they are white-flyover-states-looking and speak perfect USAn English. This brutality simply follows from that.


Yes, but first things first.


You are being hysterical rather than analytical. Those cages are the same ones that have been used for decades, including under Obama. They ain’t pretty but the children are clothed, fed, educated and provided with recreational time. The problem is not the facilities, it’s the numbers of illegal immigrants, encouraged by people like those who support this site…I’m guessing.

It is accepted practice in all jurisdictions to apprehend – not “separate” – children whose parents have been charged with a crime. The parents undergo a process that is actually unfriendly to children.

The problem is not the Trump administration – of which I am not an admirer – but if people want to solve problems start analyzing them and stop using bogus opportunities to indulge your political pet peeves.


It could be a career ending vote for any Republican who goes along with the Democrats. I don’t think anyone believed that the “whitening” of America wouldn’t be messy. Trump clearly has the stomach for it as do many people in his administration. But this would be a good place for moderate Republicans to finally say enough is enough and join the Democrats. Things will probably only get nastier if Trump is allowed to carry out his racist agenda. If moderate Republicans can’t draw the line here where can they draw it? The white nationalist base will support anything Trump does. But Republicans were elected to serve all of their constituents, not just the racists in their states.


Asking Republicans to find their consciences is like asking the sky to fall! It isn’t going to happen. Republican ideology is evil from the get go. It is selfish, inhumane, warmongering, unempathetic and venal. Why any American would vote for such self destructive policies is beyond me.


yes, perhaps now might be a good time to look at the neoliberal policies in place in Central American countries and the colonial echos of trade exploitation, drug funding, population management by some SOA POS apparent today, in debt, unemployment, police state violence and eventually refugees.


Donald J. Trump’s Administration must be removed ASAP! This man is a cruel and ruthless criminal agent of foreign powers. Why is this man still spewing his poison all over us? Why is my republican congressman silent? Where are our patriots?


Sorry to have to say this but… once upon a time I was a teacher in schools and I got a lot of those migrant families. It is amazing how a little bit of caring and working with them helped the situation they were in. Trump can’t even grasp that concept. Trump is blatantly a racist president. Republicans need desperately to be backlashed out of office in 2018 and 2020.


I am waiting, perhaps in vain, to hear Jewish leaders in this country condemn this horrendous policy which brings to mind Nazi actions against Jews - separating families and imprisoning them.