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'New Walled Order' for Migrants Worldwide As Governments Criminalize Compassion and Erect Barriers to Basic Services


'New Walled Order' for Migrants Worldwide As Governments Criminalize Compassion and Erect Barriers to Basic Services

Julia Conley, staff writer

Migrants around the world are facing new barriers to humanitarian aid and public services as some governments have criminalized or sought to limit efforts to help refugees, sometimes in a bid to deter migration—and often in violation of human rights, according to (pdf) a new report by the Red Cross.


Walls to keep-out “immigrants” are antithetical to human rights. those people are victims of economic and actual war that deprive them and their families/future any semblance of a life that should also should be seen as a human right! Walls of many sorts both actual and economic/financial are used to keep the wealthy in power and deny the poor opportunity except as wage slaves and de facto serfs to wealth!

IF the wars of destruction and death costing billions/trillions were ended and the obscene waste on weaponry diverted to economic advantages and opportunity…the obscene money wasted on war put to alter the lives of the “immigrants” and “migrants” - all those fleeing oppression, death, famine, and poverty, they would stay and build their own nations into vibrant economies and cultures with a future!.

Lets also include the actual walls keeping people apart…trumps wall and the Israeli Aparthied Wall, one proposed and one a reality for Palestinians…a blatant land theft by Israeli to be for Jews only…the definition of racism and ethnic cleansing! The Berlin Wall was torn-down and the world lauded the acct…the world should also deny recognition and/or normalization of ANY state to build such monstrosities of racism! The World Court has ruled the Israeli Apartheid wall illegal and ordered it torn-down - racist Israel of course refuses in their arrogance and contempt for all others! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2004/jul/10/israel3

The Irish are voting TODAY to ban all Israeli goods from the Occupied Territories illegal “settlements” and they must be praised lauded for their integrity and sovereignty in the face of malignant Israeli pressure! BDS!!

“Israeli settlements in both the occupied West Bank and the Golan Heights are illegal and constitute a war crime under both the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and International Humanitarian Law (IHL), which prohibit occupying states from transferring their own civilian population into occupied territory.”.


The Irish in me is rejoicing.


Given that members of the Drumpf administration are stupid, and racist, one expects them to use the term “migrant” rather than the MORE CORRECT term, in many cases–“REFUGEE.” But one expects journalists to have at least SOME knowledge; but IF that’s the case, why do you never hear/read the word REFUGEE from them!!!


Because “refugee” typically implies someone fleeing from a defined conflict while migrants are elective and different laws and options are meant to meet those needs. Also, Temporary status can be used. The thousands of Afghans living in refugee camps are eligible for international aid is an example. And then there is Gaza which is one big refugee camp.





Another indication that Europe, too, is slipping into fascism is their proposal to build ‘Transit Centers’ for refugees outside European borders. In other words: Cages, where the most disenfranchised, the most marginalized will be ‘housed’…


This was foreseeable, based on such previous expressions of USAn mean-spiritedness as compelling grocery operators to pour bleach on their expired produce to discourage dumpster-diving, and charging those who leave water bottles for refugees in the Sonoran Desert with “littering.”


Compassion is a virtue BUT where is the responsibility for this crisis. Look to the world hegemon. Which country systenatically bombs third world countries causing the mass migration. Further, which country constantly beats the drums for war in the Middle East? Whose press is controlled by a group who demand intervention in the Middle East. Stop treating symptoms !


Who’s kidding whom? Those walls require a pass to leave or enter. Guess what? Who’s next do ya suppose? Answer: There is, was, and never were, are or will ever be illegal people, period. Period. Period, Okay, I’m through! lol OH. And one more thing. VOTE! No cutting and running. If you don’t like the choice, then get off yer arse! And make a difference. With love and non-violently, thank you!


I guess the Irish press enjoys an independence that our MSM does not.


“Migrants around the world are facing new barriers to humanitarian aid and public services as some governments have criminalized or sought to limit efforts to help refugees…” The conflation of the concepts of ‘migration’ and refugees fleeing violence and natural disasters is a right-wing tactic and should be rejected by any caring human being and by Common Dream Staff.


Yes, it is much better to have no legal status or recourse. They are not concepts, they are reality…laws agreed upon by the people they affect and should be considered.

In some cases they are an unintended consequence of globalization. Jobs move easier than workers. Everyone has some form of boundry


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Ridiculous idiot arrogant blather and BS! GFYS!


I sort of like Mongolia, they are a horse culture, they have practically no fences and live communally. I just don’t think that would work here and there is considerable cultural pressure to not make it work there. I agree though, just about everyone lives within some sort of boundary.


Irish senate approves ban on products from Israeli settlements

"Ireland’s senate has voted in favour of a bill banning the importation of products from Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, paving the way for the country to become the first EU nation to enforce a boycott.

The bill, which has faced angry Israeli opposition, prohibits “trade with and economic support for illegal settlements in territories deemed occupied under international law”.

Having been approved in the upper house of the Irish parliament, the Seanad, the legislation will now need to get through more Seanad votes and then the lower house before becoming law"

A cause for celebration! The Racist entity is increasingly being seen for what it is and who they are! Racist supremacists intent of dispossessing the Palestinian people by ANY means regardless how depraved or deadly!



Women get reproductive freedom and now this. Cheers for Ireland.


Appalling post. Right down to asking the person to the publish bank account numbers. I hope I’m not the only one who flagged.


Exactly. Thank you. Besides the US, the former European colonial powers share responsibility, in Africa, Asia, and the ME. The conditions they created are carried on by the US. They have contributed/are contributing, to US destabilizing actions in those regions as well, re: Libya, Afghanistan, Nigeria, etc. Not to mention that the West, principally the US, is responsible for the climate crisis, the consequences of which much of the developing world is feeling --drought, flooding, extreme temps–making them unable to grow food to eat, for one thing. As you say, we need to look to the causes, not the symptoms, of the refugee crisis.