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New War for Oil? Trump to Occupy Oil-Rich Syrian Province with Tank Corps, Asks for Kurdish Displacement There

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/25/new-war-oil-trump-occupy-oil-rich-syrian-province-tank-corps-asks-kurdish

As the old adage goes, “to the victors, go the spOILs of war.”

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Tried to be clever…

Read the NBC spin on this. They claim the US troops are there to protect the Oil fields and ensure they do not fall in the hands of the Islamists. This after several years of protecting the Islamists when they occupied various oil fields. The Islamists were using the revenues from these fields to buy more arms and pay more mercenaries from abroad.

You just can not make this shit up.


Eh… if the Kurds don’t go all in with the Dumpster-Fire, maybe he could bring some of the MEK from Albania!! (In Trumpspeak: don’t the Iranian commies and Anarcho-Kurdies get along swimmingly??:slight_smile:

Oh… and perhaps before the American grunts return to Syria, perhaps Trump could “bring the troops home” for a couple weeks of leave time. Wouldn’t that be “bigly Great Again”!??

This deployment to Deir al-Zor hasn’t happened yet and it probably never will.

I mean, why would Putin allow it? The oil belongs to Russia’s client and ally, Syria. And Putin didn’t spend six years winning the civil war for Assad to let the Kurds or the US protect it. Watch for another hugely stable genius-style deal with Putin to unfold in the near future – where Trump claims credit for convincing Vladdie to protect the oil from ISIS. Whatever.

This is Syrian Land and Syrian Oil.

Whatever happened to protecting the Sovereignty of a Foreign Nation?

The Syrians asked for Russian Help not American Imperialistic Interference.

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When we review Trumps decision making process involving Turkey, we should not forget the conflicts of interest he has with this countries leaders by not divesting in his business before being sworn into the Presidency. Did these business interests effect his decision to allow Turkey to cross the boarder? Who knows, but a pretty good example of why that divestment should have happened.

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The generals need to study the Battle of Khe Sanh for a reminder of what happens when you put troops into the middle of an area without a means to provide support. Maybe they are like Trump and only study battles that the US won at West Point.

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