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New Warren, Jayapal Report Details Corporate Crime Free-for-All Under Trump Administration

New Warren, Jayapal Report Details Corporate Crime Free-for-All Under Trump Administration

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The Trump administration is letting corporate crime run rampant.

"This country's government is rigged in favor of the rich and powerful, and the Trump administration has turned this power gap into a chasm."

That's the message delivered by a new report (pdf) out Tuesday from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.).


It’s nice to know that a few of our elected representatives are working hard to serve their constituents. I hope Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will forge an alliance this time around.


aka, corporatism as Mussolini stated, as otherwise known as “Fascism”.


The “white collar crime” referred to was a frequently used label for corporate crime during the 20th century, the label really doesn’t apply in the 21st century.

After Saint Ron accelerated dismantling of New Deal financial industry regulations and Bill Clinton broke records decriminalizing corporate crime, the corporations are subject to very few meaningful regulations in the 21st century and those that they are subject to are now easy to beat after Trump tax cuts give them lots of money to successfully challenge in stacked courts any regulations they don’t like.

Most current regulations that corporations are subject to were written by corporations to give the illusion of regulation.


Neoliberal Democrats are just as bad. They let the corporations write the laws in exchange for money and power. I will not vote for a demonstrated Neoliberal.


Make that Rigged Justice 3.0 with a President Biden.

Didn’t the Democratic candidate in the 2016 election signal a resounding rejection of neoliberalism?


You only have to look at his Cabinet to realize that he appointed the parolees from the Gotti Crime Family.

These Gangsters are pillaging and plundering our beautiful Country and robbing our Treasury and stealing our money.



Depravity on a mass scale.


“Corporate Crime” is a bit of an oxymoron. Corporations were invented to push the limits of what is “legal.”

As originally invented by looters, colonizers and pirates, corporations confer “limited liability” on their owners / investors, so the owners / investors are not criminally liable, or financially liable beyond the money invested, for the actions of the corporation, which strongly incentivizes corporate profiteering “by any means necessary.”

We need to change the model. The investor-owned, limited-liability corporation is a crime machine.


Trumps meeting with Orban - who pioneered 21st century fascism, dovetails with this nicely.


We’re in the middle of an owning class riot, complete with looting and arson. Some of the owning class are getting picked up in the paddy wagon and tossed into jail. Other rioters will get away with everything scot-free.

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Yeah, with the choices we have here in this country with the Duopoly, it’s, you’re damned, if you do, or, you’re damned, if you do.

Either way, we’re damned.

Especially because the majority of people don’t realize, they don’t have to vote for either.

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Reminds me of situation at a large southern aluminum processing plant wherein I worked as a senior engineering manager. Chicago Capital Vultures had landed on it and many employees asked me for an opinion on the future of the faculty My words: Note the new company ends in LLC. But first they will will reduce manpower to unsustainable levels, cut our pay, stop paying suppliers, pay themselves big fat monthly ‘dividends’, strip assets and then sail off into the sunset while we all hold the bag. Three years later all was accomplished as predicted. Folks asked: How did you know? Well, LLC is said to mean Limited Liability Corporation but in reality it means Low Life Crooks. It is you first clue you are in for a shafting.


The United States of Amnesia was once the Leader of the Free World. Today, it’s just re-runs of Reality T.V.
DONALD JUDAS TRUMP loves to fire people who don’t lavish praise on his policy. He’s unable and unwilling to self-correct, or admit when he misses the mark. He’s a mortal sinner. He deserves an ‘A’ in adultery, a ‘B’ for never having done anything wrong, a ‘C’ for seeing pretty porn stars when his wife is in labor, and a ‘D’ because he is defective, and an F for what he’s done to America’s reputation.

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Surely we are inviting this by allowing The Don and his wrecking crew to remain in power.

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“Limited Liability.” How nice for them. Gosh, I’d like my liability limited, too.

It is very telling that:

  1. Capitalist Warren couldn’t find enough solid reasons to endorse Sanders over Clinton in 2016 and is running against him in 2020. This is splitting the progressive vote and ensuring a neo-conservative person (e.g. Biden or Clinton) is the Democratic nominee.
  2. Capitalist Warren keeps mouthing Sanders list of bad guys (Billionaires especially in Financial and Health sectors) and talk of a “rigged system”. Warren calls herself a Capitalist and is now complaining that those with the greatest amount of capital (Billionaires especially in Financial and Health sectors) are rigging the system!!! WTF?
  3. Capitalist Warren was the head of the TARP oversight committee that ensured bailout funds went to the banks directly and the funds were not used for correcting non-performant, underwater mortgages. This made the capitalist mortgage investors richer and resulted in 4 million home foreclosures. Correcting non-performant underwater mortgages would have prevented the foreclosures by allowing those properties to be sold to new buyers and allow the original home buyers (generally poor with low credit) to get their down payments back. This would have also reduced the overall drop in home values from 2008-2012.
  4. Capitalist Warren who helped create the CFPB (under direction of Obama’s Citibank-chosen cabinet) is contending the CFPB is a government agency just like the SEC and DOJ. That is false. The CFPB was architected by her to report to and be funded by the Federal Reserve which is a private bank that operates autonomously from the government and is owned by its member banks in proportion to their size. This results in the Too-Big-To-Fail banks controlling the Fed and therefore the CFPB, an independent bureau not agency of the government. In other words, complete and total self-regulation of the financial industry by the TBTF banks. The CFPB was doomed to failure at the outset and it appearing to get worse under Trump is a pattern that will continue as long as neo-conservative/Capitalist Presidents choose the head of the Fed and the powerless-head of the CFPB.

Go Bernie!


Given that your descriptions are accurate, we need those voices and the free advertising they bring. The progressive movement finds it hard to get coverage otherwise.

Corps have been getting away with breaking the Law for decades and we let them slide. U Bet under Trump it’s worse… and we let it slide again.


He will remain in power as long as We allow him to. Counting on Votes or the Dems to get him out? Not gonna happen.