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New Warren, Jayapal Report Details Corporate Crime Free-for-All Under Trump Administration

Hoping AOC will back Sanders!



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I dont know where you get Warren is a capitalist ? And I love Bernie, But these two must combine there platforms if they are to be successful MUST !

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She said she was in an interview with CNBC. They couldn’t combine their platforms because Warren (who was also a registered Republican up until 1996) has compromised on everything already. She is willing to consider other (for profit) healthcare alternatives, she has backtracked on forgiving student debt tying it to bankruptcy, she will take donor money in the general, and she voted for Trump’s massive increase in the military budget. You can’t ‘combine’ their platforms. You either fight for the majority, or you don’t.

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Elizabeth Warren: “capitalist to my bones.”

Capitalism: Refers to an economy driven by owners of private capital, typically with the aim of bringing the highest possible return to themselves. Explains politicians “prostituting themselves to the highest donor(s)”, offshoring jobs, bank bailouts, money printing, trickle down economics, irrational asset price inflation, jobless recoveries and rigged markets.

Allowing banks to regulate themselves clearly qualifies as Capitalist. Hillary Clinton encouraged this in her speeches and Warren ultimately endorsed Clinton. Both Clinton and Warren were formerly Republican until late in life. The 4 million Americans foreclosed upon lost their capital (down payment) but the investors of mortgage-backed securities did not. Again clearly Capitalist, per definition above.

Your point of combining platforms would suggest Warren has to be the VP to a Sanders ticket. Warren staying in the race and splitting the progressive vote will allow Biden to win and kill any hope for Medicare-For-All, Free-College, Green-New-Deal, Less-Foreign-Intervention etc. Warren has to know this is the consequence and she is OK with that outcome.

Please senator, quit beating around the bush and tell it as it is. US justice is systemically corrupt from the top down!

Ah, but you’re an actual person…not a legal artifice created specifically to grant rights while eliminating any of the responsibilities of actual persons.

I agree. I think the same is true of Tulsi Gabbard, who because of her specific focus on ending “regime change” wars is now the darling of many progressives. I think she may be ok but in truth I think many have encouraged multiple “progressive” candidates to run in order to divide the progressive vote so as to allow the neolib/neocon faction to get their preferred candidate; possibly through the agency of the superdelegates . And of course, all the “vote blue no matter who” folk will gladly go along with whatever they say.

Not having read either report, this important admission must be acknowledged (and highlighted)…it’s at least a step towards honesty.

The truth is that the Democratic Party has been complicit for the last few decades at least, as it gravitated more and more towards the corporate owner class whose campaign donations they decided to pursue. Bill Clinton wasn’t by any means the first but his Presidency probably produced the biggest pendulum swing in that direction. Obama later happily went along for the ride even as he finessed the art of posing as a progressive agent of “Hope and Change”.

So, while Trump has taken the script to yet new extremes, this must be seen as a logical extension of the already-extant dysfunction and corruption. Each stage and each new outrage makes it yet easier to take it farther. So while I’d love to see Trump put in the pillory, it would not be complete unless many of his enablers from the other party were to join him.

A middle ground will be almost impossible for these two, BUT it would get them elected if they ran together.