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New WikiLeaks Release Exposes 'Most Highly Classified' NSA Spy Ops



Surveillance aimed at keeping sociopaths in power by monitoring up-and-coming sociopaths (or Gawd forbid do gooders) from achieving momentum. Cue in Lee Greenwood's "I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free". Oops, I think something down inside of me wants to exit at once.


Whaddya mean I'm too small to bug? Let me list my qualifications. I'm a member of a historic peace church, the Quakers. Furthermore I write comments online. Isn't that good enough?


The intelligence agencies of the United States exist primarily to protect, "big business", large corporations whose interests always come before the interests of the majority of the people of the United States. The people chosen by the political aristocracy to run these agencies are criminals who routinely break the law and generally ignore the US Constitution. And they do it with impunity.

For example,Global Climate Change is treated as an inconvenient and anti-business policy made up by socialists, communists and "scientists" to weaken and destroy the corporations who own this country. In case you haven't noticed we're screwed.

And just when I think the people of this country can't get any more stupid a guy like Donald Trump pops up to take the lead in the race for the GOP nomination to run for the presidency.


Oh don't worry. You've not been overlooked, I assure you.


Am I just one algorithm away from a knock on the door?


No wonder they're sore at Assange and want to get their hands on him. Congrats and well done Mr. A!


Eventually, yes. The United States is in an advanced state of civil decay, and is shutting down as an open society. The Stasi State is watching all, tabulating, looking for ripples of dissent to target, attack, disrupt, and neutralize. Things like the FBI/Apple battle really represent the twilight of civil liberties as an Orwellian techno-society invades the last private spaces. The final frontier will be your thoughts.

After all, that is really why they want your phone: to read your thoughts. They already know who you called.

Their key innovations have been laws regarding "material support for terror", which they are trying to stretch into any speech and advocacy on behalf of vague notions like "extremism", "radicalism", or "anarchism". Notice the sudden outbreak of those words over the last couple of years. This is not an accident.

As an exercise, read speeches by media figures and politicians these days, and replace the word "terrorism" with "thought-crime", and the word "terrorist" with "thought-criminal". You'll see how far along the road to the death of human freedom we really are.


I was with you until you pushed the "Americans are all stupid argument."

Harvey Wasserman was interviewed today on Democracy Now. You might want to give it a listen. After all, the PROOF that electronic screen voting was rigged means that Bush, as one example, was never TRULY elected by a majority.

If 70% of eligible voters show up and 51% of them vote for a particular candidate, then said individual has the mandate of about one third of actual citizens; and by that I mean, citizens who CAN vote.

So when a belligerent enfant terrible like Trump gets attention from the REPUBLICAN camp, and hardly all of it... you're talking about at most, 25% of citizens.

Why should the other 75% be cast under that tent?

I am VERY tired of the kind of slopping thinking and/or propaganda that uses one-size-fits-all frames to falsely FRAME either U.S. voters, all Americans, and/or human beings in general.

When you conveniently leave out all those who dissent--and do not give you their consent to speak for them--you make an argument on the basis of flawed evidence.


Great comment.

I see this matter precisely the way you do... but then, so did Huxley, Orwell, Chris Hedges, and other thinkers.

BTW: No one talks about this, but knowing the types of persons hired to BE snoops, one can imagine how much "pillow talk" they also listen in on...and to what nefarious purposes some of it (illicit affairs) might later be used.


With allies like the US, no nation needs enemies!


Unfortunately, the great majority of Americans believe in their exceptionalism. That supports the all Americans are stupid comment!


NSA bugging people from street-sweepers to world leaders. Well, I would rate those who sweep our streets and remove our rubbish are a damned sight more important and valuable to our civilisation than our so-called leaders, so of course they should be bugged.