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New WikiLeaks Trove Further Exposes TISA's Neoliberal Agenda



When NPR and other mainstream media do mention TPP, TTIP or TISA, they mischaracterize the debate as between those who favor trade and those who don't.

Seeing how often Obama tells critics of his "trade deals" that they are wrong, he was especially hypocritical during the commencement address he delivered at the Rutgers graduation last week when he implied that Trump was "dodging the facts". Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


New Zealand went ape over privatisation in 1984. The efficently run, productive NZ Department of Science and Industrial Research was turned into an SOE, and scientists had to answer to business managers who had to bid for funds from a new bureaucracy established to grant research funds. This put scientists into compettion with each other for projects that could keep them employed. A lot went out as private consultants, doing the same work at greater cost. to the community and what had been an excellent synergy between NZ scientists became diminished.

Forest workers employed by the government forestry organisation were laid off and then brought back on contract, having to buy their own chain-saws, safety clothing etc having been allowed to "enterprise bargain" for theior own previous jobs at lower pay. If anyone wants to see the result of the shit that is going to be thrown at you, look at the New Zealand "experiment".


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