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New Wins and Losses for Planned Parenthood as 'Shameful' Attacks Continue



In Texas, brown and black-skinned women (and men) are NOT seen as human and, as such, they do not deserve access to affordable (free at PP) health care. The number of back-alley abortions in Texas will soar along with the side effects of women dying or being needlessly injured for life; jump in number of unwanted pregnancies (no access to birth control); increase in number of families needing assistance (housing/food/utilities); increase in STD's; increase in infant mortality (no pre- or post-natal care). But, hey, that rugged individualistic cowboy mentality reigns supreme in Texas with all its racism, misogyny, and malevolence. Irony is, the Caucasian women who depended on planned parenthood will also be adversely affected, which reflects the misogynistic aspect of Texas' decision to rid itself of the "scourge" of Planned Parenthood (their perception). What a pit of despair that state is thanks to the likes of the Gov and state legislators and all parties that pushed for and/or approved the funding cutoff. Their shame deserves a red letter.


The Planned Parenthood video is a fraud, straight-up fraud, created by anti-abortion activists to defund and destroy this critical resource for uncounted women! Predictably RepubliCon politicians gather like flies on rice to spew their own fraudulent claims and continue the lies about PP. Their actions and lies are if anything more contemptible than the films creators in that politicians KNOW the video is a fake (or should) but continue to lie about it and attempt to destroy PP! This corruption and extremism affects all of us and must be exposed and itself destroyed!