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New Year’s Update for Trump Voters


New Year’s Update for Trump Voters

Robert Reich

A list of lies he told.

"He said he’d clean the Washington swamp. You bought it. But he’s brought into his administration more billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls than in any administration in history." (Photo: DonkeyHotey/Flickr/cc)


Despite Reich’s litany of Trump hypocrisy, the thirty plus percent of Murkin voters who comprise Trump’s base will never stop supporting him. They will continue to save face even after many of them are residing beneath bridges after Trump/GOP policy pushes them deep into poverty…Yes, logic and facts will peel a few Trump voters away, but not his base.


He said he would make America great again.
Most countries now have no respect for the U.S.


By diverting the K-Street Sewer directly into the D.C. Swamp, he’s merely enhanced what “our” government has been for several decades — a cesspool.

And who’s Tweetle-Dumb meeting with during those “golf” outings?  Not too many of ‘Us, the People’, that’s
for sure.  And how much do these korporations “people” pay in memberships & fees directly into his resorts’ coffers to gain access to The Presidunce??   “‘Emoluments Clause’?  What ‘Emoluments Clause’?”   “Quid
pro Quo?
”  Me no speak-um Latin, Kemo Sabé.


It is discouragingly amazing how those who prattle on about how great they think he is can, scam promise and big bragging that are exposed time and again as being untrue, still True Believe as fervently as ever no matter what he does or doesn’t do.

In fact it’s gotten worse. Mainstream media are publishing more and more spin doctored stories about how he may deserve some credit after all. I guess his walls will have to come tumbling all the way down to moneyless rubble before they’ll regain the ability to see their noses.


Reich’s criticism of Trump works well, his criticism of voters only in small part. Many, possibly most “Trump voters” voted Trump to avoid Clinton and, with Clinton, “inside the Beltway” or “coastal elite” or even “corporatist” politics.

It is a sad indictment of the Democratic side of the duopoly that people could cast an anti-corporatist vote for anyone remotely like Donald Trump, but that just happened. Faced with a candidate who had stolen her nomination, diverted funds from local candidates to her own and to Trump’s nomination campaign, taken funds from 5 foreign governments also funding ISIS, and involved in expanding conflicts in Africa and the Mediterranean and next door to Russia, enough people voted for what they regarded as “the lesser of two evils” to put Trump in the White House.

One reason that people like Reich ought to face up to this in public is that not doing so detracts sharply from the reasonable criticisms of Trump presented here.


You state a number of the repertoire of falsehoods from the right-wing media here.

No nomination was stolen The delegate system is definitely skewed against maverick nominees - a consequence of the lessons of McGovern and later Dukakis who lost catastrophically - but all internal party rules were followed. Political parties are not the government - if you think the ones in the US are bad, you should see the how the parties nominate candidates in Canada.

Funds going into the Clinton foundation are not used for political purposes. There is zero evidence of mis-use of Clinton Foundation funds.

Most of the Trump voters I know voted for Trump becasue they believed that Hillary was an environmental extremist and socialist who would destroy coal mining, oil drilling and manufacturing. Regarding foreign interventions - that was the only thing Hillary had going for her - most USAns are all for US foreign interventions.


What it boils down to is fewer people believed the truth about Tweetle-Dumb’s history of grabbing women and stiffing contractors, etc., than believed the truth about Clinton’s warmongering and kow-towing to korporations, etc.   I.E. his lies were easier to believe than her lies, since his history was less well known than hers.

And while it’s true that the Clintons are smart enough to not break the law by directly diverting Foundation funds for political purposes, the Foundation is a great self-funding public relations tool that enables them to hob-nob with other wealthy folks and to throw elaborate “fundraising” parties on the Foundation’s dime, not their own.


Whom voted for this cretin.
Banished to Guantanamo…:us: