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New Year's Eve Celebrations Tamped Down as Officials Caution Large Gatherings Could Be 'Catastrophic' for Healthcare Systems

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/31/new-years-eve-celebrations-tamped-down-officials-caution-large-gatherings-could-be


#ForceTheVote #ForceTheVote #ForceTheVote
#ForceTheVote #ForceTheVote #ForceTheVote

Have you all even covered the #ForceTheVote story or are you giving cover to the supposed Dems as always.

30,000 Americans die every year due to not having healthcare.
over 80% of Dem voters want M4A… And will the Squad hold their confirmation vote to demand a vote on M4A or will they go along with their Queen Pelosi?

Who will have blood on their hands if the squad fails to fight and hold their vote?

Who’s side are you on CD?


Something is not adding up here. Why are we the basket case of the world when it comes to covid cases and maximum death rate? Can someone please explain to me what the hell are we doing so terribly wrong that other similar rich countries are doing right with their covid case load/deaths? I can only think of one possible conclusion. We have the worst health care system in the world for our composition of people(old and sick with no decent health for them). Truly a sign of a corrupt government that only serves a class that runs the government.


Happy It’s Not 2020 Anyfreaking More everybody!


Here’s the scary problem we face:
1.USA has more people than it has hospitals to care for them.
2. Not enough doctors
3. Not enough nurses and qualified medical technicians; CNA, nursing home techs.
4. Terrible healthcare system. No national healthcare system that uniformly covers all
citizens thus leading to this terrible caseload and deaths…now over 350,000 dead.
5. No uniform vaccination plan for entire nation…poor funding for mass vaccination and no
limited qualified techs.
…i can go on and on on why the USA is the worst. Stay home is all they can say. Because of all the above.


Two words: Hair Hitler! Throw in the embodiment of stupidity and death Republicans and now you know what’s wrong.


Common Dreams has been totally silent on #forcethevote. It’s a disgrace.


One of the reasons why the allegedly greatest country in the world is a basket case is because of what this article leaves out and that is that Las Vegas, going against all reason and logic, will be holding an outdoor concert tonight to ring in the New Year which is expecting to draw 14,000 people and many of whom will probably be maskless. Far from being acclaimed as being the most advanced country in the world, the United States can perhaps be thought as being the stupidest industrialized country on the planet Earth.


What is wrong goes much deeper than the GOP or the rumpface. What is wrong goes all the way to the core of Occidental “culture.”


“Profit over people” (Noam Chomsky 1999). Didn’t read the whole book, but it sounds like what you’r describing in Vegas. By the way, if you live in Vegas, have you been to Carnival Court next to Bally’s? That place is a blast!

No, I do not, thankfully, live in Las Vegas but live instead in the Pacific Northwest. I made the mistake of visiting Lost Wages for a week in the 1990s where I became sapped of all energy while walking to various casinos under a broiling August sun.


One of the big deals – social teachable moments, historical turning points – of 2020 was the inception of the George Floyd Rebellion in May, because Derek Chauvin thought a global pandemic would be an opportune moment to share a real close-up on the face of exterminationist white-supremacy. The one brought on the other, in a way. It’s working like this all over the world.

I don’t know if it’s the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, or if evolution has delivered the perfect pathogen to target inequality. COVID is the inequality virus, and the reason why it has hit USA harder than anywhere else is because we have more inequality here than anywhere else in the world.

I told this to my dentist today, and she said “What about Brazil?” Well, Brazil has lots of poor people, tremendous slums, but poverty alone does not inequality make. You also need grotesque wealth on the other side of the see-saw. Then COVID really starts licking its spike-proteins for fresh Homosap meat.


My wife informed me a little while ago that she had read that an astounding 100,000 people are expected to die in a month or two from now in the United States because people decided not to obey restrictions in their particular state. It is almost as if many people in this country have decided to abandon the Enlightenment and take refuge in the Dark Ages.


A recurrent nightmare-meme, these days. I think many thinkers feel lost in space.


Yea, i know what you mean. It’s pretty hot there in the summer…but it’s a party hot.

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It would appear that the stars and the planets are not aligned to recreate the Age of Aquarius in the less than egalitarian United States.


All those items i mentioned in my previous post are why we are the “basket case” of the world for covid infections/deaths. We don’t have a nationalized medical system that is free for all it’s citizens like other large prosperous countries(maybe United Kingdom messed up somehow). Also, we have a lot of hard-headed people that are too freedom minded and don’t like being told what to do(even if could endanger them or others). So were our own worst enemy i guess(plus we don’t have free healthcare for all…criminal).


We have to get the worst deal in the world on principle, my friend.

Its because we are moral that the poor have to be helped into their early departure.

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It’s coming. But it looks like there will be some birth pains to suffer through. Looks like Capitalism itself may be getting intubated soon.

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I’m guessing the algorithms which moderate this thread figures we’re still pissed off at uppity commies attacking our glorious fleet in The Gulf of Tonkin, sinking the Maine or Negro delegates from MS trying to be seated, with Barry GOLDWATER being the only alternative! Our whole senile autocratic duopoly is counting upon us to… sleep, OBEY!

I’d almost wished all yunz jagoffs HAPPY New Year, an’at. I mean, it’s difficult to envision a worse year? But, perhaps it’s just the drugs kicking in? Guess they’re back to NORMAL!

~https://editor.currentaffairs.org/2020/12/presenting-the-2020-griftie-awards/ (LOTE, and the country’s THEIR’S)


~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/senate-democrats-motion-to-concede (OK, now who all EXPECTED anything else?)


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