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New Year's Eve Pyrotechnics Go On Despite Raging Hotel Fire in Dubai



What I found stunning that the 3 cable new channels here covered that fire over three hours straight, despite there only being 14 minor casualties and one heart attack. They were still covering the hotel fire while the Dubai media was covering the fire work displays. All three channels were totally obsessed by it, speculating and speculating what might have caused it.

Yet when it comes to real destruction like the floods, droughts, tornadoes they spend a minimum of time on each, mainly showing anchor actors and actresses standing in water or in wind. They have not yet figured out how to make it look special with the droughts.


Dear moderator, I have flagged as many post as possible - including my own. all are off topic. please consider deleting this news story and its comments - which is not very newsworthy anyway.


I guess we can expect a 'free fall' of the Dubai hotel that has been on fire. Oh wait, someone forgot to plant explosives.