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New York Democrats Anoint Cuomo As Chair As Clinton Delegate Strikes Sanders Delegate With Cane


New York Democrats Anoint Cuomo As Chair As Clinton Delegate Strikes Sanders Delegate With Cane

Kevin Gosztola

Moumita Ahmed, an at-large delegate for Bernie Sanders and co-founder of Millennials For Bernie, walked down the aisle to rally fellow delegates at the New York state meeting. The chair of the meeting, Michael Reich, a lawyer for the Democratic Party, refused to accept motions from the floor. Ahmed attempted to mobilize people in the back of the room to challenge Reich. But, as she was walking, an elderly white man who is a delegate for Hillary Clinton reached out and grabbed her.


More than anything else here I see a complete failure of leadership and incapacity to run a meeting, and (oh, argh) white males trying to outshout and bully their peers and by doing so force a predetermined outcome. We have lost the capacity for civil discourse it seems.


Being old (and probably a racist) should not be an excuse for assault. She should press charges.


Couldn't escape the similarities to the behavior of the Republican leadership of the House last night as they ignored their colleagues demanding that something be done toward gun regulation. Power has become too smug.


In Cuomo the spirit of Boss Tweed lives.


I would recommend that Ahmed press charges if the incident had not occurred in New York where the cops are owned by the same machine running this meeting.

I DO recommend Ahmed and Konst join the Green Party where their efforts to advance the revolution will be welcomed and rewarded.


They should leave the democratic party and urge all Bernie supporters NOT to vote for HRC. But I disagree with not pressing charges given the cozy relationship the cops have with the power brokers: they should and make a very big stink about it too.


If that isn't enough of a Democratic turn off I don't know what is, except maybe California that just can't seem to find or count millions of votes.
I'm through with the Democratic party and I have always been a Dem. Right now I'm ashamed to say it.
I will never vote for a Dem I don't trust again not even in my state. I'm fed up.



The Old Democratic machine is imposing itself in ways designed to enforce obedience upon those who attempt to reform it or alter it in ways that would prove far more honestly representative of People's interests.

Therefore, this is not about "we." This is about persons holding positions of authority within a Conservative Establishment (by whatever political brand name it calls itself) IMPOSING their rules onto others.

It's a lot like Bill Clinton wagging his finger as he LIES to the public.


This "latest" collection of outrageous injustices by the New York Democratic Machine is absolutely infuriating and intolerable! These Hillary/DNC Democrats are acting like thugs and dictators! That's not overstating their illegal, unethical, and inhumane misbehavior.

This NY Dem meeting is sooo similar to the dictatorial, illegal, unethical, authoritarian, thuggish misbehavior by the chair in Nevada just a few weeks ago. The list of crimes and gangsterism by Hillary, Debbie, the DNC, and local Dem crooks is very looong and very alarming! The U.S. political and economic systems are completely corrupted by the 1% now -- and are increasingly disintegrating into crisis every day, right before our eyes. U.S. elections have long been the worst for fairness among all Western "democracies." (That's a fact you can look up and confirm.) Now U.S. elections are not just unfair, they're absolutely absurd, a cruel hoax!

Both Dem and Pug parties are rotten to the core, and are going to fall apart. Now is the moment for millions of Dems to dramatically condemn and abandon the dem party and join the Green Party -- so the U.S. people can replace the dem party with a true and strong Progressive, Populist, People's Party!

Lastly, I strongly encourage Ms. Ahmed to bring criminal and civil lawsuits against both her assailant for hitting her in the back (he's a coward as well as a thug!) and against the Democratic Party (NY & US) because they should be liable for failing and refusing to uphold the law and to respect Ms. Ahmed's legal and civil rights during the Dem Party meeting within Dem Party premises. That assailant should be forced to pay significant money to Ms. Ahmed and he should spend a year in prison! There is no excuse for what he did to Ms. Ahmed and the DP of NY has no excuse for what they did and failed to do.


I agree with you, except for the last sentence -- the incivility (and criminality) is not by us, but rather, it's by them.


The assailant adheres to the Trump brand of demagoguery and dissent. The victim of his caning should bring assault charges but first, she has to have his name and the people present witnessing the assault are not giving names apparently. At some point, the photo may prompt someone to anonymously reveal his name. Our entire political process has been reduced to an all-time abysmal low.. Absolute power (money) corrupts and power (money) corrupts absolutely.


THIS is Clinton-elite-run "democracy" shown in the video. All crooks who PUSH their way and intimidate. SCREW those petty dictators.


Thank you Gosztola for bringing this issue out in the public, and for including this "priceless" video.


This is simultaneously surprising and not so at all. Money has corrupted my party and the power that it represents is shameful.
I was betrayed in '68 with the nomination of Humphrey.
I was betrayed in '72 by the Democrats for Nixon.
I was betrayed in '76 by those who made Carter the nominee.
I was betrayed in '80 by those Democratic members who chose Reagan to serve.
I was betrayed in '84 by those who chose Mondale.
I was betrayed in '88 by those who foisted Dukakis on us.
I was betrayed in '92 and '96 by those who lied.
I was betrayed in 2000 by a party who thought being gentle with Bush was the way to gain acceptance.
I was betrayed in 2004 by those who chose money over justice and oil over freedom.
I was betrayed in 2008 and 2012 by those who though color was all that mattered instead of content of character.
I will not tolerate being betrayed yet again by those who tell Wall Street, the banks too big, the multi-nationals (aka the non-nationals), the 1% and those obsequious to them by allowing the adherents of No Taxes on the Wealthy, No Regulations of the Financial Sector, No Enforcements of Corporate Crimes, Unrestricted Free-Market Capitalism across the Globe and most importantly Unlimited Corporate Welfare to continue to rule over us all.
They have crossed the last line, there is nothing to mitigate their crimes, they are terminal -- politically, socially, culturally, financially, and if they do not halt their treason, physically as well.

I go back to distributing fliers door to door as an eight-year-old in 1963 for Democratic candidate for Mayor of Columbus, Ohio, M.E. (Jack) Sensenbrenner and again for Johnson's campaign for re-election in '64.
I may be a slow learner but I'm not a masochist.
They are through messing with MY world.



Great news today on usuncut.com. There is a class action lawsuit being filed next week against the DNC for tipping the scales for Hillary and breaking all kinds of laws. BTW I'm 70.


Absolutely. There's no excuse for assault, period. And an older white man assaulting a young woman of color--there are extra layers of odiousness there that need to be very clearly repudiated, not ignored and excused. Especially in this time of Trump's brash sexism and racism, these kinds of incidents need to be fully addressed. Clinton-Cuomo Democrats excusing this violence, how is that any different from Trump's incitements and praises for thuggery? Maybe Clinton and Trump should pick each other for running mates! This perp could seriously also be a perpetrator of domestic violence or child abuse, so filing charges is important not just to hold him accountable to his multiple attacks at this venue, but to potentially shine a light on a man who may be an ongoing threat to others. Someone who attacks like this in public would likely feel even less compunction about committing assault in private. And if he goes away from this seeing lots of "prominent" people around him giving him a free pass, then he'll learn that really what he did was entirely socially acceptable, and he'll likely assault again.


2000: Right, the Dems' gentleness with with Bush was quite striking, except for the fact that it was so routine. They couldn't even make a stand for abolishing the Electoral College after Gore won the popular vote by half a million--and yet they later label Bush the worst president ever. He may well have been, but that's in no small part thanks to colluding Democrats like Clinton who championed the invasion of Iraq, leading predictably to vast suffering and destruction and ballooning consequences, with only benefits to weapons makers.


Moumita Ahmed and Nomiki Konst, you are true heroes, and brave heroines, too, for standing up for democratic process, even in the face of violence and intimidation, shouting you down, caning you. Your composure and clear words, unbowed, unbroken, exemplify courage and principle. Every feminist, democrat, progressive, anti-racist should be proud of you.


Sadly I fear the "revolution" as so many of the supposed progressives like to call it will be assimilated and brushed aside. It is so easy to spin, misdirect, and simply tell people what they want to hear to control their behavior. You know if Clinton is elected it will be business as usual and it will be as if Bernie and his supporters never happened as much as possible,