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'New York Hates You!': Protests Swell as Trump Makes First Hometown Visit


'New York Hates You!': Protests Swell as Trump Makes First Hometown Visit

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

New Yorkers turned out in droves to protest President Donald Trump's first post-election visit to his home city on Thursday, where he arrived later than scheduled after the U.S. House passed the reviled American Healthcare Act (AHCA), also known as Trumpcare.


" This village doesn't want it's idiot back."

Enough said!


That diabolical and villainous village idiot belongs in a pillory in the town square to be continually excoriated by the townsfolk until he turns into a pile of dust.



I hope these NYC protests make him so angry he has a totally debilitating stroke so that all he can do is sit in his DIAPER and DROOL! What a worthless pile of pond scum!


My god, you guys. Drumpf is an idiot, for sure, but he ain't the driver in all this sh**. If you're gonna hate and attack, aim for the "brains." Drumpf is just a figurehead.....and he can't even read correctly. He's like a sponge soaking up adulation; it's true he has an uncanny knack for manipulation/bullying/ whipping up the rabble ( the deplorables, anyway)...... But imo, he's being manipulated as much as he manipulates.

I am NOT defending this orange miscreant. I'm saying there are better targets behind him who really are the cause of what's wrong, cruel, lethal, etc.


I agree. Trump is just an unwitting figure head much like a dumber, less articulate version of Reagan.


Be more specific. Name names.


Start with the Mercers, the Kochs and their AFP, Bannon, Tillerson, maybe that Sessions, and other billionaires in the MIC.


" Drumpf is just a figurehead."

From my perspective, all presidents have been figureheads, that are nothing but fawning, parasites for the vested interests of the American, economic, elite and their war profiteering, empire; with the possible exception of JFK.


But you ARE defending him!

It is a common refrain, and a truly bizarre one from way too many on the left. The same people, who for months attacked people like myself for pointing out the FACT that Trump RAN A CAMPAIGN FOR PRESIDENT on…

Building a Wall to keep them thar Mexicans out
Banning Muslims from travel
More torture, worse torture and make it legal
Market based healthcare system (i.e., worse than the ACA in this regard)
Slash tax rates for corporations
Build up of the MIC
Neocon aligned war rhetoric against Iran, and in support of the State of Israel's policies against Palestinians
Increased military action in the ME
Take their oil
Build up of military and pressure against China in the South China Sea in regard to making a "deal" on Trade
Conceal carry in 50 states
Deregulation of polluting industries
Attack reproductive healthcare for women
Naming a pro-lifer to the supreme court
Teaming up with White Nationalists Bannon and Miller
Taking on Neocon former head of the CIA James Woolsey as advisor on foreign policy in September
Appointing Holy War Generals
Appointing a corporate hack to destroy public education

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on.........

And also, the guy is a clucking billionaire, who has used his power and wealth to bully people in general, bust union organizing on his construction sites, outsource jobs to pay human beings dirt wages to make his gaudy Trump Store junk, file lawsuits over and over against anyone daring to challenge the jerk, excelling at being a misogynists' misogynist, etc, etc, etc.

But it's not about him at all!!!!!!

I mean, he isn't a part of the bigger system that is truly at fault!!!!!! He's just a an idiot billionaire who ran to become President!!!

But you aren't defending him.


And if you are now going to say I have ignored the sins of Democrats, that would be incorrect, and I have a comment history to prove it.