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New York HQ Fiasco and $0 in Federal Taxes, Say Critics, Confirm Amazon's Status as Deadbeat Corporation


New York HQ Fiasco and $0 in Federal Taxes, Say Critics, Confirm Amazon's Status as Deadbeat Corporation

Julia Conley, staff writer

A day after Amazon announced it was canceling plans to establish a new headquarters in New York City, critics pointed to a new report on the company's federal taxes for 2018 as more evidence that its exit was no loss for New York.



Why try this one …God and money do not mix .

The higher the good the lower the pay.That’s why nurses,carers ,refuse collectors,teachers and public safety officials are all paid low wages . They are not valued by society.Pay must be in reverse proportion to the value of the function performed.
Money is bad ‘filthy lucre’ because money is intrinsically evil.Have you noticed the better the deed, the worse the pay.
Doing things of somewhat less lasting intrinsic value can produce compensation in the millions.So can illegal activity of all kinds .
Society has it all backward discouraging noble actions and encouraging illegality .

But this is what so many people believe God Wants .



Can’t wait to read/hear the vituperative and vindictive response from Andy Cuomo on this failure to pay taxes by Amazon/Bezos - Paying ZERO taxes for two years running on profits of $11 Billion in 2018! With tax avoidance like that it would take forever to regain the bribes paid to Bezos! Cuomo likely stood to gain in ways that are not yet fully understood - thus his anger and attacks on anyone with the gumption to fight against his Amazon “deal”…



While I’m sure another city and state will eagerly drop to its knees and undo Amazons zipper, good for the people of NY. They decided to read the actual research, and not willfully take a shot in the face.



bless you AOC - you truly work for your constituents. that’s why the damn dems are so afraid of you. KEEP ON TRUCKIN GIRL - WE ACROSS THIS NATION ARE LOVING IT ALL.



Meanwhile, they’re going to continue to expand in Nashville. There’s got to be a telling theme song in this current Amazon fiasco; possibly " To Much Month At The End of Money " or Sen. Marsha ( The Blessed Virgin of the U.S. Senate ) Blackburn singing her version of " Stand By Your Man ".

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Corporate CEOs like Amazon’s are the REAL WELFARE KINGS!!
BRING BACK THE AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) for bigwigs & Big Business & have 70% rates for the 1%!!



It’s not God my friend, its unregulated free market Capitalism…heavily subsidized by generations of elitism, contempt for the poor, blame the victim substitutes for anything resembling ethics…and a moronic indoctrination into competition and winner take all social darwinism.

Money has no reality except as a medium of exchange. Many of the folks hoarding more than they need right now, only have those billions on paper…but you are on the right track. If we evaluated all work in terms of its social value…garbage collectors would certainly make more than stock brokers. We can do without those cheats, having no one to dispose of our garbage could shut cities down in a matter of weeks.

But from what I hear about how Americans cheat teachers, and still can’t afford universal health care…I suspect cheats like Amazon will prosper for years to come. I buy nothing from them.



Our whole econony is based on the twin illusions of Disunity and Insufficiency.

We think we are seperate from each other and there’s not enough to go around .This comes from false beliefs we have about what we think God which is just another word for Life wants and needs .
Beliefs create Behaviours …

All solutions are Spiritual

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Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich replaced welfare with WEALTHfare twenty+ years ago.



AOC is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the Democratic Party’s smoke-filled room!



Hi ErnestineBass! Nice to see you here from Alternet:)



Joe Scarborough attacking Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez just shows that he is still a Right Wing mindless conservative despite his welcomed criticism of the Trumpster.

He is still blindly siding with corporations over people.

He was waiting for an opportunity to attack the progressive AOC because she opposes everything he has stood for as a Republican Congressman, Corporations and Profit before People.

Thank goodness the Congress is finally being populated with FDR type progressives instead of mean-spirited heartless types like Morning Joe.