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New York Nurses Demand Increase in Hospital Funding by Diverting Billions From NYPD and the Rich

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/22/new-york-nurses-demand-increase-hospital-funding-diverting-billions-nypd-and-rich


This needs to be our next–immediate rallying call.

Demand Increase in Hospital Funding by Diverting Billions From The Police and the Rich–Healthy Planet Needs Healthy People

I’ll see what fellow activists think where I live while you contact yours where you live.


My message to local activists:

Hi all,

*We had a good turn out but the news continues to be bleak and we have a woefully unqualified man as head of the government. North of the Arctic Circle registered 100.4 degrees F Sunday. Along with this existential threat and SARS-CoV-2 as a “byproduct” due to ecological devastation, environmental racism playing out in the same communities of color experiencing an out-of-control police force I think maybe we can bring these injustices together in another action. *

What do you think? These are NY Nurses but we can use their idea and make it nationwide, community wide and bring the existential threat to us all and the particular threats to communities of color together. Just a thought…

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Yeah, cause we don’t spend enough on healthcare…


If we had Medicare for A!!, then not only would there be more jobs for Americans, but they would be decent paying jobs—there are a kinds of jobs in hospitals.
The Preamble has s gotten some things done , but how does the government intend to, " Insure Domestic Tranqui!ity " with people dying and funeral hones imp!oding with so many souls on ice? At the very !east, Heath Care should be covered as the free right of every American and the good things that can be done with our tax do!!ars. Imagine what this nation would be !ike if Heath Care was there for everyone when Covid 19 arrived. NO TAXATION WITHOUT A COST FREE HEA!TH CARE NATION! : )


Every bloody bailout and tax cut in the past 40 years has been for and to the rich. ENOUGH! When even mild social safety nets were proposed, the GOP deficit hawks screamed, “What about the deficit? How are we going to pay for it? Money has to come from somewhere!”. Like a furious father yelling at his children, meanwhile spending his wages on booze, cigs, and gambling.
Time to unshackle the conservative chains imposed by Raygun and his libetarian/far right wing goon squad. Time to take back the definitions of freedom and socialism.
Because a poorly educated and chronically ill population doesn’t breed democracy or even a republic. It breeds revolutions, and not the good kind.


It would be interesting to see the breakdown of how much a travel nurse salary really is during this crises. The quoted $10,000/week may be the price paid to a ‘travel nurse agency’ that advertise for and hire and provide dwelling for nurses, usually actual salaries paid are toward the lower side of scale. The news articles do not give specifics here. There may be bonus or incentive money to work in an extremely high risk job, which is justifiable.

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There is disparity in salaries but this is fairly consistent within staffing agencies. How this impacts public or state hospitals is another issue.

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Can we just Defund Congress and have the Nurses Union run the country?