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New York Prosecutor Fired After Refusing Trump's Abrupt Request to Resign


New York Prosecutor Fired After Refusing Trump's Abrupt Request to Resign

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Manhattan federal prosecutor Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, was fired Saturday after refusing to comply with the Trump administration's request to resign, according to the New York Times.

Bharara's firing adds another layer of controversy to the episode, which was already raising eyebrows—and in some cases, ire.


I hope that everyone here understands that this utterly corrupt-to-the-core Trump regime is only going to be brought down through a mass uprising - millions paralyzing DC and other cities - hopefully nonviolent, but maybe not (they will start the shooting, not us), right?

I'd like to say that the Maidan uprising is our model - but so many here believe that was just a fake uprising by the CIA etc. blah-blah...


The Maidan uprising may have been an honest revolutionary situation but the neo-nazi supporters of the group that took over doesn't make it much of a model in my mind.


Neo Nazi supporters of those who took over? Closer to home than to Kiev.


Remember the old movie "The Blob"? This administration reminds me of that movie, only not with a blob, but an ever-expanding, all-consuming turd. Whoda thunk that anything could make the old status quo look like a utopia? We are drowning in a sea of shit, with a giant orange turd floating on top. I am beginning to see the logic of the NRA's position. At some point we may actually need guns to protect ourselves from these rapacious morons.


After Trump saw a story on Breitbart, he accused Obama of wiretapping his campaign.

This sudden announcement comes just after Hannity called for a purge of Obama appointees.

Trump just reacts to right-wing news, and this is the result.


Are you saying that the neo-nazis in Ukraine were more aligned with the pro-Russian government than the current government? I don't think that's factual.


With snickerNulands passed out to the crowd as Exhibit 1.


Vox, I think you've figured it out. BTW, Sean Hannity was born too late. He would have made a swell Nazi!

The Putsch continues. Watch out for Sessions, he's gonna be a dilly!


I just heard that this Attorney General also had an investigation into Russian money laundering involving New York City real estate....could Trump Tower be involved?
stay tuned folks, maybe this is a a crack that will bring down this iinsane nightmare quickly.
and obviously the Koch Brothers have gotten into the inner circle, God help us all, ALL living beings
on this planet.


Many of these demons that are crawling out from hell, like the movie The Setinel,
would had had a very fine time in Berlin during the 30s and 40s....great time. God help us.
Stay strong


Fulton sez: "Observers noted that the surprise development comes as right-wingers
agitate for President Donald Trump to "purge" the government of Obama-era appointees."

Oh, THAT swamp. Now it makes sense.


And you stay strong as well. Anything is possible!


This is why fighting with less progressive folks who generally share our values is so counterproductive now. We need to put a check on Paul Ryan and Trump. We've got a neoconfederate AG and a neonazi presidential adviser running the executive branch. The communists spent their time fighting with socialists and moderates while the foreign press, folks like William Shirer, looked on in amazement at the forces of the right gathering strength at the end of the 1920s in Germany. All sides, of course, lost in the end, badly.


This is what is puzzling to me. I've believed all along that Trump would not spend his own money on his campaign, because his modus operandi is to spend others' money wherever possible, so I thought there had to be at least one oligarch behind the scenes. When he first announced his cabinet appointments, I asked why they all seem like people the Kochs would have appointed, even though the Kochs have denied being involved with Trump because they know they are hated and that could sink him. I saw an article that another billionaire, whose name escapes me at the moment, was behind Trump. Maybe he is, also, but why so many Koch-associated people already in government positions that do not require confirmation? Is it possible the Koch brothers finally achieved their coup?


'...saying they are "hell-bent on destroying President Trump."' I'm pretty certain that noone has to try to destroy Trump. He's doing a pretty good job of that himself. Not saying that he will have to resign because I'm certain he will serve a second term, but who knows, we might get lucky.


I think the best way to bring down the Trump regime is by beating him in the 2020 election.... Unless some impeachment scandal actually gains traction, which is unlikely so far. How did the Maidan uprising work out for Ukraine? Maybe America would be fractured as well by an "uprising".


The Kochs and others have invested for decades in an infrastructure that Democrats and progressives just don't have. They are committed to doing big things while they have the power knowing a new justice on the Supreme Court, maybe two, will thwart the ambitions of any president with moderate to left tendencies for years. The best we can do at this point, is try to win back the House to check their gains. History doesn't back the idea that letting everything go to hell in the hopes of a wonderful revolution has to happen. The opposite in many cases, in fact.


Don't you think the Senate is much more likely at this point? That is achievable in 2018. The House is much more difficult until the elections of 2018 and 2020 win some purple state legislatures in order to fix the redistricting after the census.


The corporate, Oval Office occupiers know! The working class will refuse to obey. Our last chance of a firewall are the courts. Dick Nixon was no crook compared to these guys! I sense from what I'm reading, we are headed toward a critical mass of Americans. American fathers and mothers will have a stark choice to make - quit a meager, insecure job, which would eventually mean a life of homeless, in this market-driven oligarchy - and continue, unwaveringly to commit to change the system through relentless non-violent actions. Or Hope that things will get better on their own, and just believe in nonsense. "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose", written by Kris Kristofferson and sung by Janis Joplin. looks like the street corners, or travel to D.C. and join with the throngs there already - until the crooks relent. A Mexico "border wall" is looking more like part of an enclosure to eventually be an open-air prison, like the "The Gaza Strip". The Berlin Wall kept people in. The Green Zone in Iraq keeps people out. The Japanese "internment camps" kept people in. Pay-to-play courts and politicians keep people in fear. Militarized police forces and the surveillance state believe THE LYING LIARS in power! The call to draft Bernie Sanders away from the co-opted corporate Democratic Party into a new Peoples Party is underway. Will the Greens throw in? That question was asked by Eleanor Goldfield of Occupy Dot Com to Nick Brana (to Draft Bernie in forming a new people's party), but whose answer was artfully dodged! lol - [http://www.occupy.com/article/act-out-103-revolutionary-women-you-ve-never-heard-bernie-sanders-s-new-party#sthash.xtDcAfwy.dpbs]. Dems have shrunk in membership by 20% since November, 2016.