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New York Times Endorses Jamaal Bowman as a 'Promising New Face' Voters Can Send to Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/13/new-york-times-endorses-jamaal-bowman-promising-new-face-voters-can-send-congress


“16 term” if that isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what is. Bowman, who may have this, is being referred to as the next AOC.


This contest should bs interesting. Engels has seniority which means more chance of getting appropriations into the Congressional district.
Bowman has more of the interesting policies and seems closer to the constituency and their needs.
In the time of COVID-19; well, we will find out what the future of the Democratic Party looks like. Some of it, anyway.

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I don’t know enough about Bowman, but a NYT’s endorsement is usually a bad thing when it comes to promoting an anti-corporate, progressive agenda.


The NYTimes endorsed Warren and Klobuchar, thus splitting the difference and signifying nothing.

Just sayin.’


Here are two links:
What would be your top three priorities, if elected?

  1. Fighting against racial and economic inequality. 2. A Green New Deal 3. Medicare for All

What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about?

  1. Public Education 2 Public/affordable Housing 3. Criminal Justice Reform 4. Immigrant Rights 5. Mental Health and Trauma 6. Environmental Justice 7. Poverty 8. Racism 9. Ending forever Wars 10. Humanitarian Efforts

I keep running across his name among endorsements by progressive leaders. He looks promising.


Excellent wish list. It all starts with the wish list. Now find the grassroots support.

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Nothing personal toward Mr. Bowman, but is there an epidemic of head lice, an explosion of male pattern baldness, or just a fad.
I guess this started with the partially bald not liking the look, and toupees are a pain I suppose.
Sometimes I wish they would just wear a cap.
PS My son has a full head of hair and shaves it bald, for comfort I guess.

Lets hope he’s for real and slid under the NYT’s radar. I’m like you, with their endorsement for a progressive, it’s red flag time.


Perhaps the NYT is finally trying to halt its slide into irrelevancy?


Well it certainly is irrelevant, but I won’t go so far as to hold it against Bowman. There are a lot of reasons including identity politics for why NYT might choose a progressive. Or maybe they hate the other person more. I don’t know that much about him but I absolutely love the comic Judah Friedlander (if anyone has Netflix watch his special) and he did a benefit for him (~https://youtu.be/nTA_pmKLRiU he talks about Bowman at 4:15).

Mehdi Hassan who I’m not crazy about interviewed him recently. Maybe Mike will get him on the humanist report- he’s gotten a lot of interesting politicians lately: Eastman, Swearengin, Hawkins, Savage.

Jamaal is a great candidate - I have donated to his campaign and hope to see him in Congress soon.

Unlike others - I don’t believe in the guilt by association theory associated with an NYT endorsement (any more than I will believe in the purity of the NYT because they endorse a couple of good people).


Bowman sounds like term limits. New York Times endorsement is promising a new news face.

Your " burn it all down " meme is consistent, I’ll give you that. However, you are wrong in that the DCCC endorsed Engels, not Bowman. Against DCCC, DNC and Pelosi’s rules, including actual monetary penalties for consultants, A O-C has stuck her neck out in endorsing Bowman.
Quit your one note arson party on progressives, like last night with Sen. Sanders ( yes, two can play that game ), and others will not have to resort to leg-pulling ( gaslighting ) to offset the traps you set. Arson is a felony, just like encouraging violence against the police ( shooting them, etc. ), happens to be. Bad juju, very bad juju, too.
FYI- your comments are very close to " entrapment " in some instances, imo. You’re encouraging serious trouble-making of a sort.
I have enough of a legal background to know, in times like this, it’s potentially big trouble.
Just sayin’.

Nobody WANTS to put themselves in jeopardy, but that is part of decent. If nobody is willing sit in jail overnight nothing will move forward. We can’t simply will justice, or think that writing about it does much but use up paper and ink.
It has become necessary to make a showing of our troubled condition (s).
The constitution is in trouble, and someone has to defend it.

The Titanic is sinking and we need to tell someone.

I rarely correct spelling but it’s " dissent ".
As to the Constitution: just like top down policy from local governments to cops on the streets ( " patrolmen " ), the Constitution and Amendments are just words on a paper. Very old paper, in many instances. They don’t matter, like black lives, from all appearances. Just observin’.
There are boatloads of attorneys in this country who can argue the Constitution’s applications either way. Strict construction v. " a living document " arguments will be with us, like common colds, forever it seems. ( The courts are a mess, like the country’s leaders, imo. )
Going to jail for a non-violent crime ( curfew violations ) is one ( stupid ) thing, but encouraging felonies is quite another. Especially, when a pandemic like COVID-19, could be a potential death sentence for some of those legally protesting. Serious business with all sorts of ramifications as people regularly die in police custody, nowadays.
BTW- the Titanic sunk. Last time I read anything about it; people are still fighting in court about one thing or another, regarding that old piece of junk.
I look at a lot of that " entertainment " history in the context of the Loch Ness Monster bunk. It’s just another ARA ( another roadside attraction ) for very bored and goofy people.

Another Dylan line. “It’s all much cleaner than the New York kind.”
I always hear it as.
“It’s all much cleaner than the New York Times.”
from “Hard time in New York town.”

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Yeah, I wondered about dissent when I wrote it but didn’t spell check. Lazy writing. Glad to get corrections, that’s how we grow.
Going to jail for protesting isn’t smart, but I think one has to be prepared to end up there if we engage in street protests.
The Titanic line from Dylan’s “Tempest” eludes to the fact we are asleep while the ship (our country) is sinking. RE, wake up America.

Now, I got the Dylan reference. Good one. We could refer to Dylan’s songs right now and be here for months. Everything in some way is breaking, or broken. It had to happen sometime.