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New York Times Endorses Jamaal Bowman as a 'Promising New Face' Voters Can Send to Congress

Gotta do better than that! Where’s the evidence to back your claim, Kaylie? Maybe check into the links Giovanna-LePore supplies if you want to dig deeper and see if there is anything to your statements, or on the other hand quell your apprehensions.

Plus, we already know that Engel is a corporate Dem as well as an Israel Zionist.

Bowman looks like a great candidate - plus 16 terms (32 years) in Congress is plenty enough. It’s not a lifetime appointment, Elliot.

Charles Booker also looks like a terrific candidate in Kentucky - let’s get Moscow Mitch out.

I agree with the first sentence, but I’m surprised that you don’t think they are perfectly willing to virtue signal for a progressive. NYT has three possibilities - don’t say anything, endorse Engel, or endorse Bowman. I don’t read them at all anymore so I don’t know their typical stance on staying out of races in their home turf, but I would imagine it’s hard for them to stay out. And I can easily imagine some jackass in a boardroom saying - you know, if we endorse Engel, I don’t think this is going to go as well for our bottom line. A little virtue signalling unfortunately goes a long way with some of their audience.

As far as links that @Giovanna-Lepore suggested and @poiticscorner seconded, I’ll add one that I sometimes disagree with (as I’m not a leftist on all things, but I am on a great many things): Jacobin. I read through ~https://jacobinmag.com/2019/10/jamaal-bowman-eliot-engel-democratic-party and feel that your slander of Bowman based on an endorsement that he has no control over is completely unwarranted. Since war is my #1 issue, here is his quote from Jacobin on that front:

How can you vote to spend trillions of dollars on endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at a time when so many of our communities are in need? That said, my vision is a Marshall Plan approach so we can rebuild what we have destroyed and dismantle our military-industrial complex. The United States has too often played a destabilizing role in many parts of the world that has led to civil wars and authoritarianism. We have to lead with diplomacy and building relationships across the world to lift people up after poverty, transition the world to green energy, and help participate in a project for our collective humanity.

I don’t understand why my opponent accepts donations from weapons manufacturers. I don’t know how someone can call themselves a progressive and vote for the war in Iraq. I’m fighting to end the forever wars and make sure we invest in education, community development, and health care, as opposed to investing in weapons and war that hurt people in this country and across the world.

Kaylie, I challenge you to read this piece and consider if you want to make an about face.

Engels was supposed to get trump’s tax returns. I thought I heard the court now said they had to be released. Any info on that?

Promising new face or not, he’s a democrat and therefore in one of the two parties pushing corporate interests over the interests of all the citizens. When was the last time a "new’ democrat face changed anything for the better before being co-opted by monied interests and their own grab for power?

Isn’t it time we stopped being fooled by people voluntarily aligning themselves with either Democrats or Republicans. We’ve seen the results over and over, and WE always lose out when we support the Corporate Tools against our own interests.

We need a Movement for a People’s Party, so We all can get representation in Congress.

I was pretty happy with Jayapal’s effort on M4A. And regarless of his stupid comments about GWB I wish he had never said, I was happy with Khanna’s effort an unsuccessful attempt (only because of Trump’s veto) to get out us out of the Yemen war. I’m pretty damn sure if we had a house and senate full of people like this, things would be different.

See my comment above on Bowman - I hope people here actually read about the guy before dismissing him.

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Not about the NYT. You stated that Bowman could turn out to be a corporate tool, but the only thing you use to back that up is an endorsement by the NYT. You’re trying to push your point with nothing but your own innuendo. It does not even qualify as a flimsy argument.

I haven’t noticed M4A being readied for implementation as of mid-June. Have we stopped supporting Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war? I didn’t deny talking or advocating. The Democrat Party is a safe zone for a few progressive rants, tastefully spread out so as not to induce action or change from the path preferred by those who pay politicians for policy performance.

Joining the Democrats to bring change is the action of a bullshitter, or a fool.

Sorry, but the NYT is endorsing AOC.

You’ve got things bass-ackwards in my view. Why not go directly to the candidate instead of making a judgment based on the fact you dislike an organization that happens to endorses them.

Sounds to me more like the comment of someone who is trying to sow discord rather than someone who is trying to further legit debate.

Do some homework on the candidate them self and then if you do or don’t like them you can post with some evidence of your judgment.

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I like AOC a lot. Right now she has limited power. So I’d like to see someone like Bowman join her in Congress to increase that power a bit more. He will certainly be a major improvement over Elliot Engel.

I also recognize the limits of Congress. Because of how political processes currently work, I have low expectations of what Congress can do and only put a limited amount of my efforts into electoral politics.

I’m responding to your comment in the spirit of debate.