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New York Times Joins Trump's Anti-China Crusade

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/31/new-york-times-joins-trumps-anti-china-crusade

Dig deeper Dean, there’s evidence the virus was in South Florida, and Maryland in 2019.


I will add this intriguing article dated July 1, 2020, shared by @Beli_Tsari

" SARS-CoV-2 circulating in Brazil back in November 2019

A startling new study adds to the growing body of evidence that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which causes COVID-19, the pneumonic illness now sweeping the world, was circulating in Brazil’s Santa Catalina as far back as November 2019. The finding, published on the preprint server medRxiv* in June 2020, shows that it has been causing infection in Brazil long before the first case was reported in the Americas, North and South, in January 2020, and certainly before the first case in this Brazilian region.
-Dr. Liji Thomas, MD"

Even using the tilde trick, I can’t post the lengthy link here but searching

“news medical sars circulating november 2019”

brought up this article from ~news-medical.net


Hadn’t heard about Brazil, thanks.

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I know two people in Washington State who had full out Covid-19 symptoms in September/October 2019. Doctors simply scratched their heads and left those cases undiagnosed. The 60 something year old male died, while the 80 something year old woman survived. Both cases were in red counties, so were neither was revisited once the epidemic started spreading in Washington State in February 2020.

The war on Covid-19 is no different than any other war. As Senator Hiram Johnson (R-CA) observed in 1918 “the first casualty of war is the truth”.


I hadn’t heard about Florida and Maryland myself.
I personally know 4 people that likely had it in February while the official baseline was incredibly low, as well as second hand stories, most having loss of smell combined with worst flu ever and other hallmarks of crona.

Oh, here’s another I got from our industrious informer @Beli_Tsari

"“We were talking to officials here, and it was the same reaction we got in Italy, in the U.K., in Spain,” Dr. Vespignani said. “They told me, ‘OK, that’s happening on your computer, not in reality.’ Look,” he added, “No one’s going to shut down a country based on a model.”


Myself and a lot of people I know had a virus for weeks that went away and returned again for weeks, between Sept and Jan, maybe not crona but weird.


Here a simple truth. If as the NYTimes asserts, this virus could have been contained in China (and as the article clearly points out along with the posts of other readers it was already spreading around the world) then the USA, Canada , Spain and the like should have also been able to control its spread.

Remember this was all new when China encountered it and all of those other Countries were forewarned and knew of it Months in advance.

Now given it was detected in Western populations in 2019 , before China announces its presence , there is no evidence that China was the source. The USA could just as easily be the place where this virus germinated and a visitor from the USA spread it to China.
The New York Times writers are that stupid. The failure to control the spread in the west is squarely on those Countries where it spread.


Yesterday was the first anniversary of the first Chinese “tweet,” after, Nov 17th inception of local reports?

My ears were burning, while on EZ Trade. Much of what a few of us posted, BEFORE infection, last March, was from Chinese & other East Asian, Iranian & Italian physicians & virologists (and termed “alarmist” or “speculative”) before NYC had to deal with a tsunami of uninsured, 1099 app/ gig “essentials” lining-up in the icy-rain, many with pneumonia or infected with “flu-like” symptoms*, shuffling for hours, frequently maskless, only to be refused PCR tests, since they’d no Chinese contacts (this, so they could get paid sick leave from app- shopper, delivery, transit, warehouse, food-processing, service worker, au-pair… 1099 gigs, mostly) We were accused of, being “alarmist” & “FOR Trump” wearing gloves (for ATM) & KF-94 masks (elevator/ subway) since we’d guessed we’d already been exposed (app shoppers, in a PACKED supermarket), we’ve been VERY lucky: low viral load, crazy high iso-flavonoid/ phyto-polyphenol diet and NOT having to work outside, while infected!) Many of our friends, even older than us (!) were not. At least, for the next few weeks, wear a REAL mask, indoors at least, and yes… consider eye covering around loud-ass mouth-breathing assholes, screaming into their iPhones? Funny, how our SIX media outlets & blog-aggregators like this, seem to casually segregate BLM protests from the OUTRAGEOUS death count of Black, Hispanic, Native and precariate of all races, ages, ethnicities, genders… as if these were all separate?

Reporters strode through Kennedy & Newark, without ANY (useless) screening. We were UNREMITTINGLY told, “just, go on about your business, as normal,” as ~80K healthy (?) folks infected ~26% of us, maskless at work, restaurants, bars, synagogues, SCHOOLS, gyms, clubs, subways…

*we’d only just experienced a BAD “pediatric flu epidemic”


We’d been forewarned… by accepting the term, PANDEMIC, used by virologists and physicians, worldwide. NOTHING at all was conspiratorial, in the least (outside perfectly normal government-FIRE/ PhARMA-media assholes). Lots of folks, many asymptomatic; or thinking it was cold, flu or typical of NYC: allergic reaction to all the pthalate, fabric softener, #4 oil, scent, god-only-knows-what schmutz we inhale each and every day. Lots of the folks who died, already had bad issues with respiratory/ circulatory conditions people get from 24/ 7/365 inflammatory crap like NO/ONOO & pro-imflammatory cytokine disorders our CURSORY, private equity liquidated medical system simply can’t be bothered with. We’re always getting FAR greater exposure to VOC than I’ve experienced in ancient US steel plants, coal-fired boilers & refineries. It simply is what it is, VERY affluent honkeys here, are in total denial about the consequences. Status-fucking QUO? She had a cough, I had anosmia. Neither had shortness-of-breath until day 24? No fever… but nine hilarious months later, still microclotting, 89-93 O2 levels… gotta go and SLEEP, now!

BTW: vaccination SHOULD include immunocompromised!



The NYT, like the GOP and corporate Dimcritters highest priority is to make sure that disaster capitalist opportunities are maximized. They will not let facts get in the way of any story that facilitates that priority.


NYT let down it’s paywall for COVID echo-chamber click-bait, right around the time Manhattan looked like the opening of a particularly stereotypical 70s disaster movie (sunny 74° parks, packed with healthy-looking folks, au-pair with kids frolicking, crowded restaurants, bars, churches, gyms, old folks taking dance classes. Drunk tourists all over, for Saint Paddy’s Day). As SF’s mayor said, “Shut this sucker DOWN” resulting in 90% fewer casualities: 35K excess deaths here, of which CDC termed ~25K, “likely COVID” Excluding those dying without official, positive PCR tests: cardiac arrests, stroke, kidney or multiple organ failure. Johns Hopkins had trackers, Gothamist reported, then the work-from-home kids (some, still here) actually put these online, as ~40% under-counts from State & City were spewed by smiling, happy faces on TV and streamed video, tweets was removed from social media, drone images of mass graves resulted in arrests, folks were punished for instagrams of inhalation therapists in plastic garbage bags, 110 corpse reefers & a courageous older brain surgeon in a take-out food cover, taped in place of a lexan face shield. Now, NO shutdown!

This just IN:





Now progressives feel compelled to defend the authoritarian government of China? Countless Chinese doctors and journalists who were ringing alarm bells about the lethality of the new virus were and are being silenced by the Chinese government. Meanwhile tourism between Europe and China merrily continued for who knows how many days and weeks. Yes, clearly the Trump administration owns our medical catastrophe through its willful negligence and putting economic interests over human ones. China can’t be blamed for our catastrophe, but it still deserves criticism.

Planned much?

From ~http://www.ipsnews.net/2020/12/pandemic-great-reset-resistance/:

The pandemic simulation called Event 201 ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoLw-Q8X174 was conducted in October 2019, about three months before the COVID-19 outbreak by the World Economic Forum ~http://weforum.org/ in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security ~http://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/ and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ~https://www.gatesfoundation.org/.

The simulation predicted up to 65 million deaths due to a coronavirus. Many are wondering why these powerful organizations, having apparently already run the exact scenario as a test, failed to prevent or at least prepare the world for the imminent viral outbreak.

The global political economy has been moving in the direction of increasing technological and market integration through social media, artificial intelligence and biotechnology. In the wake of COVID-19, the trends towards digitalization and commoditization of economic and social relations have increased.

The ‘Great Reset’ seeks to accelerate and solidify these trends ~http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Digital_Transformation_Powering_the_Great_Reset_2020.pdf as well as expand corporate control of natural resources and state surveillance of individuals. In the post-pandemic ‘Great Reset,’ there would not be much life left outside the technological-corporate nexus ~https://www.amazon.com/Sustainability-Well-Being-Environment-Society-Palgrave/dp/1137308982 dominated by monolithic agribusiness, pharmaceutical, communication, defense and other inter-connected corporations, and the governments and media serving them.

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The biolabs, Ft. Detrick, Wuhan, Canada, elsewhere, study, communicate with each other. Run tests. Have leaks. Share. I believe they are all vile because the knowledge they gain cannot be said to be greater than the risk of leaked(or purposely spread) diseases. Not China more than others. Remember other recent diseases which suddenly spread around the world.

Other diseases that appeared after extensive studies: Ebola, pig flu(lab leak), AIDS(after study in Africa among primates, spread at clinic that was treating HEP-C in NYC).