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New York Times Slammed for Running 'Advertorial' by Notorious War Profiteer


New York Times Slammed for Running 'Advertorial' by Notorious War Profiteer

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The New York Times came under fire on Wednesday for running what critics characterized as "uncontested propaganda" in the form of an op-ed by notorious war profiteer and Blackwater founder Erik Prince.


A sad day for the remnants of the once respected “Gray Lady”, now lost in time.

The giants of journalism must shudder in revulsion in their graves at whoever in the Times organization allowed this filthy war-pig prince to publish his appeal to more for-profit war and death…pathetic!


A new low even by the most perverted standards. Eric Prince is a scumbag. And I don’t see how parents can let his sister plan their children’s education. What, did everyone drink the koolaid? She is probably devising a test right now for best little future mercenary as we speak.


One can only assume that it is a coincidence and not a convenience that the owner of an independent mercenary army offers to Trump a war for profit Viceroy mentality, in effect to privatize the Afghan War. Is mention made that America is a democracy and that a personal army removes that constitutional control from the people of the USA? Who would be at war then? Who is responsible?

Rent a war? Looking to invest? A business opportunity? Trump’s crudeness seems to be rubbing off on us.


All the Prince that’s fit to pimp


“Why is the New York Times op-ed page publishing Erik Prince’s sales pitch for more mercenaries?”

Birds of a feather, man!


It’s all about the money…nothing more, nothing less. Prostrating themselves for the money god(s)…


The NYT played a major role in keeping the Islamic wars, decades old by 2000, not only going but expanding. If one wants access to official government sources, one must publish propaganda and ignore information that counters it. At the tail end of US involvement in the massive SE Asia war, the NYT did publish revealing leaked data, but was it on the leading edge of investigative journalism, or did it just follow a perception the US public had already learned not to trust its government and its military?

Pretty much every major newspaper has been despicable on most major issues of life and death. Money really does talk.


Notorious War Profiteer
-Blackwater founder-
— Erik Prince —

Reads one tombstone to knock over,
or merrily piss on night and day.
The blackest color isn’t flesh.
Orange is the new blackest black.


Right. With help from her friend (and Cheney’s too) Scooter Libby, then-NY Times reporter Judith Miller was known as a stenographer for BushCo.


Notorious War Profiteer

-Blackwater founder-

— Erik Prince —

Reads one tombstone to knock over,
or merrily piss on night or day.
The blackest color isn’t flesh.
Orange is the new blackest black.


Remember McConnell’s condemnation of Obama in 2009
“Anything the nigger does, get it the way.”


Miller was one of the most notorious, but hardly only, conduit of deadly lies. She was the first to come to my mind, but she had lots of company. It fits with the picture that she was not fired for lying, but for failing to credit sources.


Maybe tomorrow the NYT will publish an historical review of the US support of a fundamentalist rebellion against a secular, socially liberal, non-aligned communist, government, the overthrow of which, and ensuing chaos, prompted the Soviet Union to invade. And how the Taliban was actually welcomed by many Afghanis as a far better unifying alternative after years of warring factionalism. The US strongly helped created a force of destruction and is now supposedly in a war against it. Except “it” is simply people who live in Afghanistan, and their right to self-determination absent a phony foreign invasion in the name of some fantasy liberal democracy, which is merely a propaganda smokescreen for US interest in economic extraction and geopolitical hegemony. If the US really wanted to “save Afghanistan,” it would leave. Anything else is, and has been, murderous invasion. As American as apple pie.


GQ’s Jay Willis and others, please let us not forget another story of Eric Prince, and Blackwater Security. March 31, 2004 Fallujah Ambush, and the story of Scott Helvenston, Jerry Zovko, Wesley Batalona, and Mike Teague, and the lawsuit Helvenston V. Blackwater Security. Please check out Democracy Now April 20, 2006, “Blackwater in the Crosshairs: The Families of Four Private Security Contractors Killed in Fallujah File a Ground-Breaking Lawsuit.”


Starting way back with Reagan, “Private business is more efficient than government.” Yes, indeed, more efficient at fleecing John Q. Public. The New York Times doesn’t mention that paying for that efficiency comes out of our tax dollars and, because the business is private, we the people, don’t have access to its records. And, the big shots that have all the money to invest in these “private businesses” have plenty of money to influence legislators into increasing payment for services so that the efficient private business quickly costs more than governmental services would… Unlike governmental offices, these private, efficient businesses don’t provide health insurance or any other benefits and usually pay their employees a lot less than government jobs. Oh, yes, they’re efficient. Efficient at screwing you and me. Guess we all know the pockets the New York Times calls home.


Him again. His crew was so effective in directing traffic in Iraq. If winning hearts and minds is an Afghanistan and Iraq solution. this guy is the pits.


Anyone who looks to the NYT for an unbiased look at the world…


This country is f8king pa-the-tic!


TBH, nothing shocks me very anymore when it comes to the NYT. I used to have an on line subscription but I gave it up for one simple reason. The only reporting that was excellent were those articles that didn’t challenge the main political narrative from Washington. As soon as an article involved white house policy, the writing became uncritical and parroted officialdom. In the end, it was the relentlessly silly articles by Krugman in regards to Bernie Sanders campaign that was the straw that broke the Camels back. Not even a letter signed by 100 of his fellow economists, telling him that Bernie’s policies were rational and grounded in sound historical precedence could stop him from using the NYT to smear him. While sad, I guess the good news is that Krugman has largely faded from the scene unable to rebuild his self serving reputation just like Judith Miller. It was because of him that I have largely tuned out of MSM and rely on a small number of You tube channels and progressive Internet publications. Having said that, the NYT is a good place for holiday recipes.


In addition to in-country mercenary contractor profits, Prince probably is hoping to wend his way into the international opium/heroin trade that’s supervised in Afghanistan by the Pentagon and the CIA; and, has long been a supposedly clandestine source of CIA black-ops funding, over which Congress has no control.

The question is: How does this benefit the NY Times; or is it the CIA that wants Prince’s mercenary labor force? May 31st, Prince has an opinion piece in the WJS: now we have the NY Times.