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New York Times Teams Up With Israel to Smear Slain Medic Razzan al-Najjar as 'Complex,' Not Innocent


New York Times Teams Up With Israel to Smear Slain Medic Razzan al-Najjar as 'Complex,' Not Innocent

James North, Philip Weiss

The New York Times on Thursday printed a long article giving credence to Israeli claims that Razzan al-Najjar, the young medic killed by an Israeli sniper a week ago, was not innocent. The article takes at face value Israel’s desperate efforts to taint the young woman, whom the army has previously maintained it killed by accident.

The first paragraph announces the Times’s service to Israel:


“No, the Times has a deskbound New York man parroting Israeli talking points.”

Absent a parrot, my home needs not the NYT.


Obfuscation, misinformation and propaganda is what the Israeli government is all about. Same for NYT, a propaganda organ.


Evidence that she was “executed?”


Y’know, “murdered” might be more apt. Does that help?


Well, if you have any other birds, it makes great cage liner. Or cat-box liner, or even toilet paper. But as Abbie Hoffman said, steal it. (It aint worth buying).


Exactly like both the Trump and Obama administrations did/do with drones and every post-WW2 prez has done with “special ops heroes.” All in a day’s murderous work in capitalist USA Inc.


U. S. corporate media is nearly universally either owned by Zionists and Israeli sympathizers, or afraid of and co-opted by them. In any event, they are clearly lying about Razzan, since she was clearly wearing clothing ID’ing her as a medic, which certainly could be seen through the scope of a sniper rifle. She was murdered because the scumbag Israelis are land thieves without conscious whose ultimate goal is to eject ALL Palestinians from all of Palestine, which Israel has always intended to take for themselves. Thieves deserve to get nothing for their efforts. Therefore, the thieving Zionist Israelis deserve nothing but total ejection from ALL of Palestine. THat’s right, death to Israel and drive the F-ers into the sea. I don’t care where they go, but they can’t stay there and be rewarded with a win for their treachery. It goes against everything I thought civilization thinks is fair.


Without this, the people of the united States would not fund and support the innumerable crimes of this Nazi-like State.


The New York Times is a very dumb paper. Its Sunday version explained how Trump has been pondering relations with Korea for his entire adult life. The times thus elevates a barely functioning intellect to awesome thoughts of a thoroughly involved modern philosopher who ranks with the world’s educated great thinkers.

I glanced at the paper and did not buy it. NYT is worse than a joke, boycott it along with monsanto bad name bayer aspirin.


“Prime Minister…Netanyahu of Israel defended the army’s use of live fire, saying [it] had tried using water cannons and tear gas but had been unable to stop the protesters from attacking the fence.”

The rights of innocent, de-fence-less fences were being violated, the Prime Minister added. Do you know how much those things - I mean innocents with human rights - cost?

"‘Nobody intentionally went out to kill anyone,’ Mr. Netanyahu said, accusing Hamas of trying to raise the body count for publicity purposes.

We killed four, five…lots fewer savage subhuman death-deserving beasts than they say, the Prime Minister elaborated, adding that the savage subhuman beasts deserved death and, since they weren’t truly human, shooting them didn’t count as “killing” anyway.

“I can tell you that Hamas, at a certain point, said, 'Not enough people are being killed,’” the Prime Minister said. Queried on how he knew what Hamas said, the Prime Minister shot back, “It’s like I said, so shut the fuck up or you’re a Nazi, terrorist-loving anti-Semite.”


Israhell has slipped in to the lowest pit of psychopathic sadism. Their brand is un -redeemable. I hope American Jews renounce Israel and whatever part of Judaism supports that terrorist regime. Where are the Rabbi’s speaking up about the crimes in their name?


Rember the new york slimes was and is probably still part of the CIA’s operation mocking bird. Holiday in israel where everyone is dressed in blood!


The NYT is a pro-zionist/Israeli rag that now toe’s the Israeli line rather than adhere to what the Grey Lady might once have been. The power of the NY pro-Israel-at-any-cost lobby has subverted American sovereignty to serve a foreign terrorist power! THAT was once called treason, but now is shamefully supported by elected officials holding first-loyalty to a foreign power, and accepted by a brainwashed public as “Israel is our ally”, (or “Israel is critical to Jesus returning”) - “Israel is our ally” is proven to be a fantasy and lie if any of the mountain of evidence to the contrary is truthfully and honestly examined!

Israel is a political, financial, and military parasite on America and has committed numerous acts to prove that reality!

The usual hasbara propagandists spew their rotten filth defending any Israeli depravity onto these pages with regularity, but their support of IDF depravity and Israeli extremist racism is transparent!

NY has always been a power base for pro-Israel forces…some only a “religious” affiliation to Judaism that ignores any war crimes by the darling Israel, and some just as depraved in their racism that holds all other peoples, especially Palestinians, as lower forms of life…the definition of racist contempt! The bottom line is that any people or religion that accepts such hideous racist extremism is sliding into the abyss they once experienced…and are taking America with them!!.