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New York Voters and Candidates Sue to Block 'Unconstitutional' Assault on Postal Service by Trump and DeJoy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/18/new-york-voters-and-candidates-sue-block-unconstitutional-assault-postal-service


Saturday, August 22 is a National Day of Action to defend the USPS and the right not to risk illness and death to vote by mail. Gather your neighbors, friends, family and other activists and be outside your local post office.


Oh, the ballot overload! My L.L.Bean Catalogs will still make it through, I bet. Their Guns’ & Gals’ Magazines’ Loaded will still make it through I bet, but those pesky ballots will be the straws that break the camels’ backs. Oh my, fetch me your fainting couch Lindsey! Gawd is life tough in the land of the gullible.

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Trump and his organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP are killing two birds with one stone…1) suppress votes, AND 2) achieve one of the GOP’s highest priorities (dating back to Nixon) of putting USPS out of business.


Fight money with money.They do understand lawsuits. Lawsuits work better than protests and no one gets killed (at least not immediately). It’s an action step in the right direction.


Absolutely. A stay, or injunction to cease and desist, must be handed down immediately, or tear up the rest of the constitution and hit the streets well armed.

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