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New York Workers Claim Victory as Cuomo Goes Big for $15


New York Workers Claim Victory as Cuomo Goes Big for $15

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Following years of fast food worker organizing, protests, and strikes, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday announced to a cheering crowd of union members and rights campaigners that he has used his executive power to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for employees at fast food chains—and vowed to endorse making that the base wage for all workers in the state.


Cuomo is using this issue to cloak his service to the 1%, he is only forced in this direction, he does not believe in it as an issue of equality or integrity. We have seen that pattern and his true colors - who he really serves - too many times to count and where his true loyalties lie. Cuomo sold-out property tax reform, non-partisan redistricting, the Moreland Commission, campaign finance reform, restoring fair taxation on the richest, and cannabis reform among other issues - the very definition of an opportunistic politician who governs for the few at the expense of the many. His friends and "clients" are billionaires, not average people, his stock in trade, hypocrisy.

Property tax reform - switching to income - the ability to pay - as the means to finance public education rather than property taxes on our homes, was sold out by Cuomo to gift his wealthy donors, client 'developers" and hedge funds.

Selling out the public until forced to respond is Cuomo's MO - that and a highly vindictive nature, attacking anyone with the temerity to call him on his actions.