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New Yorkers Confront de Blasio Over Defense of NYPD Violence as Calls Mount for Mayor's Resignation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/new-yorkers-confront-de-blasio-over-defense-nypd-violence-calls-mount-mayors

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God bless you Roger Goodell. Who’s next?


Until politicians and economists deal with the reality of the structural dimension of, poverty, austerity and racial disparities they will not only be a stain on American society, but will continue to limit America’s broader economic prosperity.


Sorry for being so brief. Goodell of the NFL gave his blessing to all who want to take a knee at the games.


Large numbers of loud New Yorkers are now totally fed up with deBlasio, evidently. He can hardly speak in public anymore, over the chants of “RESIGN!” You can’t make excuses for the police plowing through New Yorkers and continue pretending to be Mayor of New York. When he stands for the predators instead of the people, he’s standing down, way down, where New York no longer has a legitimate mayor.

I heard that 50% of NY’s municipal budget goes to police; 40% in LA. Insane numbers: Both our foreign and domestic policies consist of barging through and blowing stuff up.


Why can’t these leaders just embrace justice.? Instead they act as though protesting is going all the way to anarchy. Either they are fools or are freightened of something.

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Some might be frightened of police abolition, the fundamental demand of many in the street:

Defund, Disarm, and Abolish the Police!

For some strange reason, police don’t much like hearing it put that way.


I think we both could sit down and create more than one workable policing plan according to community size or demographics. There must be barricades to such plans .

The big problem is the first step: defund. Can’t get started with that one anywhere, due to the choke-hold of police “unions” (so-called: it’s not a real union if it’s against ordinary people) over municipal politics everywhere. It’s a cancer consuming all aspects of city government.

So you wind up with police doing all kinds of useless things, just to keep their budget growing. There’s never been any good reason to have a policeman messing up your schoolday, and yet the cancer grows to spread them into something like half of all USA public schools. More in the inner city, where they find more young subhumans to brutalize.


One liaison officer per school is helpful in a number of ways, including just the presence of a higher authority.

Only after a couple of years, the blackballing of Kapernick, and enormous public pressure.
He deserves nothing but scorn.


DeBlasio had his chance to be on the right side of history.
He blew it. Time for him to go, and take the rest of the DINOs with him.


At least it puts things a better perspective, and denounces trump’s wrapping himself in a false flag.

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Police unions generally, especially in NYC under Pat Lynch, put a very heavy thumb on the scales of NYC politics and justice, and always have. They wield great political, judicial and prosecutorial power and it’s no secret all NYC mayors must toe the line the cops dictate or be targeted for reprisals.
We are now seeing the usual backlash from cops and their organizations all around the nation against “upstart pipsqueaks” demanding such ludicrous actions as meaningful reforms to end the police culture of violence and murders That political corruption and influence has always led to near zero real prosecutions and even fewer convictions… We saw the same when Occupy Wall Street was smashed by mayors and governors around the nation, including the pathologically vindictive Cuomo
Peaceful protesters beat-up, gassed and abused in NYC, and in other places people of color are STILL being shot and killed! de Blasio used the term “bad behavior” in the interview to describe cops beating people when it is clearly far more!

END the curfew now! remove the excuse for police action against peaceful people!


“Higher authority “ … seriously? Yikes.


When it comes to brutally enforcing law and order, it almost seems like there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two halves of the duopoly. Yep. Almost.

Only if your goal is destroying public education. We never used to have police at school; no educational authority thinks they belong there. They just need to get the hell off the school grounds, where they cause far more harm than good. All of this is quite well documented in the pedagogical literature: Schools vitally depend on an atmosphere of openness and trust. Students aren’t allowed to learn when they’re scared to death, for God’s sake!

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is the absolute bulls-eye of where to start getting rid of – worse than useless, unacceptably counterproductive – police. Kick police out of school. What an insult to USAmericans. Should we continue to allow this madness, we should at least make a firm rule that SRO’s aren’t allowed to kneel on students’ necks.


No justice, no peace.
No fascist police.

It’s a venerable chant, bound to carry the day, day after day, along with all the names to say. Every day produces another half-dozen atrocities of police terror, somewhere in USA. There’s absolutely nothing to do about it, but something grammatical bothers me about our basic chant. This is the kind of post I usually cancel, as it unmasks my anal-retentive verbal nature, and nobody finds thoughts like these of the slightest interest, however much they fascinate my feeble mind.

The problem is that, in the first line, “no” is used in implication form: zero J implies zero P. Presumably, “no peace” is not a long-term goal – while “no fascist police” is. Oh well…

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Are the mayor and the governer in the pocket of the police unions? Why are they so blindly supporting a police department that executed Amado Dealo firing excessive number of bullets into hose defenseless body. There is also the news of NYPD police ramming broom stick up the rectum of another unlucky New York City resident. How many thousands more they’ve managed to lie about and get away with murders.

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Police use extortion tactics and get this, they even have the galls to ask the public for donations. Those Gestapo bastard have the best social benefits ordinary working Americans can only dream of.