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New York's Suspension of Facial Recognition Surveillance in Schools 'Should Serve as a National Model,' Says Advocate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/22/new-yorks-suspension-facial-recognition-surveillance-schools-should-serve-national

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Just a quick reality check. In front of congressional committees, under oath, James Clapper told us that the American surveillance state wasn’t spying on American citizens. They weren’t categorizing and storing all of our communications in a giant government warehouse in Utah. And even if they were, they promise not to do it any more. Scouts honor.
I’ll believe it when I see it. Cuomo is as crooked as a tree branch. I don’t believe a word that leaves his smarmy lips.

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Facial recognition surveillance is “invasion of Privacy” imo.
It’s the same as , “let me see your papers” without having to stop you necessarily.
This sort of thing often ends up as a tool used by unsavory characters.

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But surely the schools NEED it. I remember an episode of The Little Rascals where they brought Petey into the school room and it was chaos! Surely a smart way to invest 2.7 million to make sure this doesn’t happen again (provided the technology can differentiate a canine from a child…) would be such a wise investment of tax-payer dollars. (teachers can continue buying their own PPE for a while longer…)

WTF. I hate having to go through this at the airport but in a school??? No NO NO. The school personnel should be aware of who their students are and if any strangers are in the building. Hire more teachers an assistance for the teachers