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New York's Woeful $7.6 Billion Nuclear Bailout Package


New York's Woeful $7.6 Billion Nuclear Bailout Package

Karl Grossman

The New York State Public Service Commission—in the face of strong opposition—this week approved a $7.6 billion bail-out of aging nuclear power plants in upstate New York which their owners have said are uneconomic to run without government support.


Considering how many Republicans are endorsing Clinton, its time to rename the Democratic Party the New GOP and rename the GOP the Murkin Taliban Party (MTP).

This article confirms my repeated assertion during the past decade that nuclear power plants are the most expensive method mankind has yet devised to boil water, which is what a nuclear reactor does in a nuclear power plant.


Nuclear fiction


He [Dr. Mark Z. Jacobson] said “allowing the upstate nuclear plants to close now and replace them with equal energy output” from offshore wind and solar power “would be cheaper and would create more jobs.”
HELL NO!strong text The real costs come at the end of this bogus sales pitch.

Decommissioning these death traps entails decades of steps, because of severe, systemic contamination, over the four to six or more decades of operation. The biggest step, after letting things cool down for several years, is cutting-up every stinking part of the reactors, pools, building, digging-up the top several inches of the site .............. I can't go on...... blah....blah.... and dry casking ....... Mark my words: These industry thugs are going to sneak away, eventually leaving deadly raionuclide toxins and hundreds, if not thousands of tons of radioactive trash. With all do respect, Gov. Cuomo, you are a gold-plated idiot, if you don't rescind this unconscionable bailout. Bailout the students with a $trillion$ in debt or something, damn else.

In other words, to the esteemed professor, because of the colossal mistake of allowing nuclear power, in the first place, "cheaper" has been neutered to mean better late than never.


JOBS??????? Any old job will do, but the environment matters not at all.
All evidence shows that "green jobs" are much more economical than military and most other types, and it is obvious that all parts of the USA are groaning under old infrastructure that needs replacing and preventive measures needed for combating climate change. To pretend this is the reason is farcical, just like spending billions on war and on nuclear weapons to threaten the Russians in the future.
Wake up, New York!!!!


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