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New Zealand About to Say Adios to Coal


New Zealand About to Say Adios to Coal

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a move celebrated as good news for the climate, New Zealand is on track to end coal-fired power.

Genesis Energy announced Thursday that it will shut down its last two coal-burning electricity generators, which operate at the Huntly Power Station, by December 2018.


Remember the novel - 'On the Beach' but this time instead of it being nuclear catastrophe, NZ will be a refuge for climate catastrophe. 'On the Hill?

New Zealanders are luckier than they know. Their coal plant operators shut down despite their government's climate change denial attitude while ours bribe our government to be allowed to continue.


"Increasingly, coal in that region (Waikato) is becoming more difficult to locate and more expensive to mine, limiting the nation’s ability to rely on the resource for its energy supply." Again, it is an economical decision that prompts the two coal-fired plants to shut down by 2018. In turn, there will be more coal for NZ to export to China.... Burgeoning geothermal, solar, and wind energy operations will readily fill any energy void that the coal fired plants may leave behind. Let's hope the environment also benefits on a large scale!


There are only 3 million people living in New Zealand. Therefore renewables can probably fit the bill nicely. There are 20 million people in Shanghai and that is just one city within a culture that sees material possessions and consequent high use of energy as indicative of one's status, a fatuous concept but one that governs Asian activity even more than it does European. Whilst that is a driver for our acquisitive societies, Anthropogenic Global Heating will continue.


"climate change denial attitude " Would you mind posting an example ? I have problems finding people who 'deny climate change'. I would go so far as to suggest they do not exist !
As far as 'denying' is concerned, that is another quip with which I have issue. Scientists cite facts - and respect little else. But facts and data are in short supply indeed for the examination of a hypothesis which has not occurred. 'Denying' becomes a matter of recognizing there is nothing to 'deny' - yet is a staple of scientific method. Without falsifiability - the ability to confirm or deny an idea through observation - we conclude there is no 'there' there....just hot air.