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New Zealand Wins Global Praise for 'Historic' Law to Bring Net Carbon Emissions to Zero by 2050

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/07/new-zealand-wins-global-praise-historic-law-bring-net-carbon-emissions-zero-2050

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Some countries get smarter and smarter. Others get dumber and dumber.


Other countries don’t have ‘Republicans’ to deal with. They have right wingers, but they don’t have Republicans. Republicans are an especially ignorant, selfish and sociopathic species

PS: GOOD on New Zealand


My Nephew who lives in New Zealand, says the same thing in his emails. He moved there right after the shocking and awful attack in Iraq and said he was ashamed of what his country was doing in his name…and loves New Zealand.


Great praise for New Zealand, its people and leaders. Countries with a population that cares about their environment and wildlife - the Natural World, a healthy way of life rather than money uber alles have the ability to see and act on things that affect their lives and happiness - the things that make life worth living - to nurture and protect them.

Enter the capitalist shallow profits-above-all-else USA, its malignant un-educated, extremist moron leader(s), and the society consumed with fluff, brand-names, “religion” and its fantasy world at the center of their universe rather than the Natural World. Education based on how to become (and remain) a wage, debt and interest slave, working to benefit others and the universal system of usury and self-interested ignorance on environmental issues. So much for the “great” nation of institutionalized stupidity, so effectively passed to the next generations!


About sums it up.


But why does everything hinge on this 2050 dateline? Sick of hearing 2050. That’s 30 years away. We know we should have been doing things 30 years AGO. What are we waiting for???

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How about we be honest and say other countries don’t have a duopoly to deal with?

Yeah, thank goodness somebody, somewhere on the planet has a clue and is willing to step up and do something.

Agree completely.

It’s like another diversionary tactic, buying time for the polluters to extract more profit, at the expense of the climate and so much life on the planet.

There have been numerous comparisons of the need for a response to the climate crisis similar to how the U.S. mobilized in response to WWII.

What if we’d taken 30 years for that?

Been tracking coverage of the 57 fires currently raging in Queensland. Like the US media, they mention high temperatures and drought with nary a mention of the climate crisis.

NZ is a sample of people turning egocentrism into altruism.

Now for the fine print in the law:

  1. Does “Net Zero” mean that you can burn down a rain forest and plant a seedling and then say that planting the seedling counts against net zero?

  2. Some USA Net Zero acts are fake. Texas happens to have a tremendous amount of wind power, so buying a renewable energy credit costs next to nothing because nobody wants them. Stores in the Northeast are claiming that their coal and nuclear electricity is being offset because they bought some Texas renewable energy credits. In reality a Texas REC does nothing at all for the New England market.

  3. A country can pass a law mandating that the tide is not to rise. It’s going to happen anyways. What counts is whether the country decided to do the necessary engineering.

Yes! The narrative needs to be changed from 2050 to: WE NEED TO FORGET 2050 AND MAKE THE DEADLINE…NOW!

It is totally impossible to completely transform the the energy infrastructure on much shorter time frame than 30 years - there are not even any known ways of doing some things, like farming and maritime shipping without petroleum fuel yet. OK, there is nuclear-powered shipping, like the old NS Savannah and some Russian nuclear icebreakers, but i dont think those would go over very well around here…

You may be correct. Sadly 30 years could be too late. I like the attitude of one of my close associates who says about the coming climate nightmare: " The difficult we can do now; the impossible will take a little longer!