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Newly Leaked TTIP Draft Reveals Far-Reaching Assault on US/EU Democracy


Newly Leaked TTIP Draft Reveals Far-Reaching Assault on US/EU Democracy

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A freshly-leaked chapter from the highly secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement, currently under negotiation between the United States and European Union, reveals that the so-called "free trade" deal poses an even greater threat to environmental and human rights protections—and democracy itself—than previously known, civil society organizations warn.


Again this further proof.

To all those that continue to maintain that all this descent into madness for the sake of profits is due to an apathetic population.

The powers that be KNOW this can not pass the smell test with the electorate . They KNOW the vast majority of people would be opposed were the full details known.

Yet they persist in trying to make this into law.

They do so because the monied interests have instructed them to do so. The very fact such negotiations ongoing and done in secret is enough to condemn them and the SYSTEM which has nothing to do with what the 99 percent need and everything to do with the one percents greed.


Meanwhile, in Bizarro World:

From: Senator Ron Wyden wyden@wyden.net
Subject: Standing up for American values in trade
Date: 4/16/2015

This week, Congress is taking the most definitive steps yet towards approving Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), or what you might have heard referred to as “fast-track authority.”

It’s important because it will determine how President Obama and future Presidents negotiate an important trade agreement – the Trans-Pacific Partnership – as well as future trade deals.

I know that trade is always controversial, but I can report to you that I have successfully fought to include critical new protections as part of the TPA.

This new TPA framework means that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will represent a real opportunity for workers in Oregon and around the country. We know that tens of thousands of small businesses depend on exports to succeed.

Foreign companies have a much easier time selling goods here than Oregon businesses do selling their goods overseas. That needs to change, and I’ve fought to ensure the TPA will take us there.

But we didn’t stop there. I fought to level the playing field between American businesses and global competitors, so that everyone involved upholds our progressive values and basic American principles.

To that end, I helped secure critical protections for labor rights, the environment, and fundamental human rights as part of the TPA. We can demand a trade deal that protects our values in a measurable and enforceable way, rather than merely paying lip service to them.

This TPA instructs the President that human rights are a core negotiating objective of our trade agreements – for the first time in history.
It requires our trading partners to adopt and maintain international labor standards, raising the bar for workers around the world.
Trade deals we make will insist that other nations live up to international environmental agreements, attacking overfishing, illegal logging and other threats to the planet. 
Defending and expanding a free and open internet becomes central to our trade policy – ensuring that we don’t allow repressive regimes to break up the internet into country-sized pieces, and rejects policies like those found in PIPA and SOPA.

And finally, this TPA requires that no trade agreement can override U.S. law without congressional approval, and that trade agreements are made available to the public for 60 days before the President signs it – a level of transparency that we’ve never had before.

On balance this agreement represents trade done right for workers and businesses here in Oregon and all across America.

Ron Wyden


Need to deny the Stepford Obama and the Stepford Congress on TTIP and TPP.


not sure if Wyden doesn’t realize his soul is sold or doesn’t care. either way, he’s giving our sovereignty to global corporations without our approval. Wow. It’s “available” to us for 60 days! woo-hoo! meanwhile, if the corporations don’t like one of our laws, they take their troubles to a corporate court and make us pay or give in to whatever soul-sucking, deranged damage they choose to inflict on us in the name of profit.

sounds a lot like treason to me.


Big time. Maybe these people have lived with corporations r us for so long, they actually have split their mind and really think that they are doing good things. don’t ask me how, but otherwise, how could so many people do these terrible things to us all over the world? (rhetorical Q)


Treason, indeed, and it also falls within the characteristics of advanced fascism.


Obama has never been inept, he is very intelligent, albeit SERIALLY “perversely deceitful” as you have observed, and SERIALLY DEVIOUS.

Just as nobody in power cares what the 99%'s opinion of TTP or TTIP is, nobody in power will seriously pursue impeachment of Obama. Although the GOP may threaten impeachment as a distraction strategy, as long as Obama continues to deliver for the 1% at the expense of the 99% the Obama family will be protected and assured a ticket on the same post white house “corporate speaking fee” gravy train that has provided the Clinton family an 8 figure annual income ($17 million in 2013 alone) since Bill moved to NYC in 2001.


no one can sit around neutral about this


I have wrote to 8 different local MEP’s (Member of European Parliament) of all political stripes including those on the ‘left’ expressing my opposition to TTIP and asking for their response and not a single one of them has even bothered to reply. There is European Citizen’s Initiative petition (CIP) which now has getting towards 2 million registrees, and which, under EU law, parliament must take notice of should it reach 1 million, yet which is still generally being ignored. And then, despite this being the biggest political change this century with far reaching implications for loss of democracy and the ushering in of a new age of para-corporate dystopia, bigger than any other threats to democracy which have even moblised nations to war, there is still barely a peep about it in most of the popular news outlets. It’s enough to make you feel like Josef K.

For those in the EU: https://stop-ttip.org/


It is treason.

Chief Justice John Marshall ruled that any law that violates the US Constitution is VOID.

Since these traitors have off-shored all our democratic mechanisms in subversion of the Constitution, I maintain that these “Trade agreeements” are not treaties, but instead, illegally crafted domestic law by foreigners.

I for one, will not recognize them. Start growing your victory gardens folks and quit using the banks if you can. The unacknowledged Depression just got a whole lot scarier.


I’ve read he couldn’t have possibly have attended Harvard Law in that time period. He was in Pakistan and the Saudis gave him ten million dollars which found it’s way to Harvard, is the rumor. He never tried a single case in any court of law, ever.

His attendance records are all sealed. Also sealed at Occidental College where he dropped out.

The CIA, who he worked for at BIC bank, created a false identity for him, is my guess. He went by the name Barry Soetoro in Indonesia and Hawaii all through school. His whole family were CIA according to ex-NSA Wayne Madison Reports. They must have major dirt on him, and he says “Yessa Master” every time they call him.


I so hope localized action works, but at times I wonder if even this will save the day. We recently lost our ability to keep GMO crops out of our local farms and so now we are seeing even more “local” produce, which people love to hear, not realizing that local doesn’t necessarily equal good, as much as it used to or as much as I wish that it did.

Seems like one colossal scam after another anymore.

But I keep trying and encourage those with more energy and time to do even more.